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Abdel-Basset & Fayza (2004) studied karyotype characteristics, such as chromosome size and variable morphology, including metacentric, submetacentric, and acrocentric chromosomes, and reported chromosome length ranging from 1.
Generally only one form of B chromosome is found, although variants can come in fairly frequently resulting in metacentric chromosomes, subtelocentric chromosomes, and minichromosomes (Jones and Houben, 2003).
amana is small and spherical whereas, the satellites in three metacentric chromosome pairs of F.
The complement includes five pairs of metacentric (the last one is the smallest element in the set), seven pairs of submetacentric (the first two are the largest elements in the set), a large and a medium-sized subtelocentric pairs and nine pairs of small acrocentric autosomes.
The chromosomes comprised a graded series of 46 acrocentric or subtelocentric elements and one pair of metacentric to submetacentric chromosomes (Fig.
B Population showed 2n=50 chromosomes, with 12m + 16sm + 6st + 16a, and with also a macro supernumerary chromosome, similar in size to the first pair of metacentric chromosome found in 100% of the cells of about 80% of the females analized (Figure 1c).
A high frequency of metacentric chromosomes was observed in the complements of the 12 accessions, which is indicated by the average values of the centromere indices (CI) and ratios obtained between the arms of the chromosomes (r) (Table 1).
Since there are more metacentric than submetacentric chromosomes in this species, C.
The principal particulars of the three designs (abbreviated as Mono, Cat and Tri, respectively) are shown in Table 1, where Lpp is the ship's length, B the breadth, d the draft, and GM the metacentric height.
The X chromosome was the second longest telocentric chromosome, while Y chromosome was the shortest and only metacentric chromosome.
This makes use of turbulence and the metacentric effect to challenge balance.
The analysis of 120 metaphases (30 of each individual) revealed a karyotype of 2n = 48 and FN = 60 for all specimens (Figure 1), consisting of two metacentric pairs, four submetacentric pairs and 18 subtelo-acrocentric pairs.
The haploid complement consists of one large metacentric and one medium size metacentric element and a graded series of smaller meta-centric and submetacentric elements.
Low dose of cadmium (1mg/kg/day) for 30 days resulted in chromosomal aberrations as manifested by aneuploidy, breaks, gaps, centromeric fusion resulting in formation of submetacentric and metacentric chromosomes.