metabolic rate

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By simultaneously measuring field metabolic rates, daily activity patterns, body condition, and foraging success of polar bears moving on the spring sea ice, we found that high metabolic rates (1.
On a second visit, researchers collected metabolic rate and heart rate data during three progressive stages: seated, seated with the device and standing.
Studies have shown that exercising naturally increases one's metabolic rates, but this increase does not end when the exercise is over.
People who exercise twice a day enjoy an almost permanent elevation in metabolic rate due to the acute effects of frequent exercise bouts.
Metabolic rate varied throughout the test due to 5-minute exercise periods which repeated five times for each subject.
To further complicate matters, metabolic rate and behavior are affected by other extrinsic factors in the natural habitat.
Scientists have uncovered several ways to reverse the decrease in metabolic rate that makes it so easy to accumulate weight and fat as we age.
Comparisons were made with the sizes of the holes in living mammals and reptiles, and their metabolic rates.
There's something as yet unknown going on with black bear hibernation that slows metabolic rates more than lower body temperatures alone can explain.
3) In this study, those with the slowest metabolic rate had a 4-fold increase in gaining 15 or more pounds over the next 2 years.
5 hours reported greater hunger and had lower resting metabolic rates and 24-hour plasma epinephrine levels.
Female monkeys placed on a low-fat, low-calorie diet (reduced by 30 percent) for one month experienced no significant weight loss, because daily activity and metabolic rate decreased as a result of low calorie intake.
However, giving the definition of some BIA parameters such as resistance, reactance, phase angle, body capacitance and basal metabolic rate would help to understand physics of BIA.
By comparing tropical and temperate birds' basal metabolic rate (BMR)--the amount of energy spent to breathe and live while at rest--scientists discovered that the tropical birds use less energy to maintain normal bodily functions than their temperate cousins.
In the case of metabolic performance at low temperatures, one can argue that different selective pressures have shaped the organism metabolic rate accordingly.