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In this paper, we introduce the concept and utility of quantitatively measuring metabolic profiles of samples from a human urine bank.
Metabonomic analyses of circulating plasma may, to some degree, reflect the metabolic profiles indicating pulmonary arterial disease.
In patients with metastatic breast cancer treated with paclitaxel and lapatinib, serum metabolic profile was analyzed before and during chemotherapy, and was found to have a positive correlation with patient survival and time to progression in HER2 positive patients.
Correlation analysis of the HRV parameters and metabolic profile between the PCOS and the Control group
Metabolic profile is defined as a series of specific analytic tests run in combination and used as a herd based, rather than individual based, diagnostic aid.
Arsenic exposure perturbs the qut microbiome and its metabolic profile in mice: an inteqrated metaqenomics and metabolomics analysis.
Metabolic profiles were quantified from serum samples by using 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
The armband collects 5,000-plus data points a minute to capture an individual's metabolic profile.
This system uses the inherent metabolic profile of groups of bacteria to evaluate their growth rate enzymologically, leading to an enumeration of the starting innocula.
The objective of this study was to analyse the effects of eight weeks of progressive resistance training (PRT) compared with aerobic exercise (AE) on glycaemic control, metabolic profile, cardiovascular fitness parameters and general well being in adults with type 2 diabetes.
Thiazidetype diuretics are your standard initial therapy, but this patient has metabolic syndrome, and you know that certain antihypertensive agents have a more favorable metabolic profile than thiazide diuretics.
The work is motivated by the belief that transition to sustainability will require as great a shift as from agriculturalism to industrialism and it therefore seeks to provide preliminary answers to questions concerning whether there is a characteristic metabolic profile of agrarian societies in terms of energy and materials use, what are the drivers of socioecological change, the level and nature of historical variance in agrarian-industrial transition, and the nature of the interplay between different spatial scales and levels of society.
The grant, titled "Metabolic Biomarkers of Autism: Predictive Potential and Genetic Susceptibility," will fund a five-year study to resolve whether abnormal levels of metabolites in the blood are associated with specific autistic behaviors and whether this abnormal metabolic profile is genetically determined.
Results of the basic metabolic profile and liver function tests were within normal ranges.
It also provides a metabolic profile which shows how quickly a smoker clears nicotine from their system, helping to determine the right dose of NRT.