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The follow-up examinations also included information on nutrition (food frequency questionnaires) and physical activity ("metabolic equivalent index"), as well as a panel of testing that allows a designation of metabolic syndrome at both time points.
According to the American Heart Association, 47 million Americans have metabolic syndrome, although many may not know it.
The researchers said people had metabolic syndrome if they had at least three of the following five conditions:
The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in different populations has been investigated.
Cordes's report was one of several at the meeting sponsored by the European Psychiatric Association that examined different facets of the complex links that tie schizophrenia to metabolic syndrome, an association that already had lots of evidence, including a recent meta-analysis (Schizophr Bull.
Results: The mean malondialdehyde level was significantly higher in overweight and obese subjects with metabolic syndrome than control groups (Pless than 0.
ATP III identified 6 components of the metabolic syndrome.
The letters of this word can be used to describe the components of the metabolic syndrome (Table).
Metabolic syndrome is rising worldwide and attributed to increased obesity and inactive lifestyle.
sup][11] Also, clustering of cardio-metabolic risk factors (and thus, the metabolic syndrome) is becoming more common.
The underlying causes of metabolic syndrome are obesity and insulin resistance (Grundy et al.
In a new study, researchers found that cardio metabolic risk in obese adolescents may be predicted by typical sleep patterns, DECCAN Chronicle reported.
In studies of patient populations controlled for differences in dietary content alone, independent of weight loss or exercise changes, diets with high glycemic index foods, low whole grain and fiber content, and low fruit and vegetable content are associated with an increased incidence of metabolic syndrome (strength of recommendation [SOR]: B, multiple large cohort studies).
New research reveals that metabolic syndrome-risk factors that can lead to heart disease and/or stroke-is common in liver transplant recipients, with rates highest at one year following the procedure.
Bacterial cellular metabolic systems; metabolic regulation of a cell system with 13C-metabolic flux analysis.