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a person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry)

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As we will hear in the selected interviews below, all three Aztec dancers were raised as mestizos who in their adolescence or young-adult years were drawn to the powerful practice and narrative of the movement.
As a general term referencing various regional variants of music and dance originating in the Peruvian highlands and now heard throughout Peru, huayno demarcates a long-standing division in the national ethnic imaginary between the predominantly indigenous and mestizo (of mixed indigenous and European ancestry) highlands and the criollo (American of European descent) coastal region.
The project s main goal is to contribute towards the Government of Ecuador s efforts to reduce poverty among Afro-Ecuadorian, indigenous and mestizo settlers and dwellers living in the area of influence of the Ibarra-San Lorenzo highway within Ecuador s northern region.
This ethnopopulist strategy helped the indigenous parties win the support of traditional populist constituencies, such as urban mestizos, as well as indigenous people.
The objective of mestizaje is to "assimilate all the racial elements of the nation into a single cultural and biological norm": the mestizo.
In addition, 120 fecal samples from Afro-Ecuadorian and mestizo persons were examined.
Mexican Mestizos in the United States were considered undesirable mongrels and inferior in every way.
At the beginning of the meeting, you mention that you'd like to discuss the issue of salaries, because it seems to you that the Mayan employees are making less than the Mestizos.
The increment of MS among mestizos and mulattoes probably results from the Caucasian genetic dissemination between these two populations.
According to Bauer, the Spanish-speaking mestizos look down on the Quechua because of their darker skin, Indian features, language, and traditional clothing.
Blacks, mulattos, and mestizos occupied intermediary spaces.
Like South Africa's "coloured" population, mestizos comprise an altogether different category from the pueblos indigenas.
In Bolivia, as elsewhere in Latin America, there are two worlds--the "haves" of urban whites and mestizos and the "have-nots" of rural Indians.
Formerly British Honduras, Belize has a diverse population of 250,000 Afro-Caribbeans, Hispanics, Creoles, mestizos, Mayans and others.