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a boy who earns money by running errands

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Peter, who went on to work in a series of university libraries, added: "For the very first Llangollen International Eisteddfod myself and some of my school friends from Grove Park acted as messenger boys.
I told mum I was going to report to the fire station, being a messenger boy.
When he left school, Norman was a messenger boy for an insurance company and then joined the civil service, while Doris studied shorthand and typing and took a clerical job.
Eqki started in 1979 from school as a messenger boy in the Parcels Office.
So spare the poor former policeman: he was only the messenger boy for our peace Nobel aspirant.
He began as a messenger boy at the Reuters news agency, rising to become managing editor of the Daily Mirror.
Gordon-Levitt plays a messenger boy who maneuvers his way through the streets of Manhattan on his fixie, a single-speed, fixed-gear bicycle.
Born in London's east end, he grew up in a home and began work in Fleet Street as a messenger boy at the age of 14.
He began work in Fleet Street as a messenger boy at the age of 14 and rose through the ranks to edit some of Britain's biggest newspapers.
I worked as an accountant, but I got the salary of a messenger boy," said Hussein Ali, 26, who said he was paid $600 a month.
The US position is once again a carbon copy of the Israeli one, and the presidentAAEs special envoy, George Mitchell, has become a messenger boy for Benyamin Netanyahu.
Soberon, 64, started in 1960 as a messenger boy at the newly established Ministry of Foreign Trade.
Barnaby Grimes is a tick-tock boy: a messenger boy who uses any and unusual means to delivery his message in a urban world packed with hellish creatures.
This photograph, taken outside the Hancock Museum, was donated by former messenger boy Alfred Wilson, pictured second from left, front row, when he was a sprightly 72, but that was way back in 1967.
After graduating from Barstow High School in the mid-1940s, he moved to Los Angeles, working at MGM studios as a messenger boy.