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the atmospheric layer between the stratosphere and the thermosphere

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Within the white-outlined region are DNB-detected mesospheric nightglow emissions showing a train of concentric gravity waves (yellow banded structures) radiating from above the TC and propagating to the northeast.
Mesospheric temperature and atmospheric oxygen response during the January 2009 major stratospheric warming.
The satellite observed a second northern season of Polar Mesospheric Clouds (PMCs), which are the Earth's highest clouds.
Solar cycle variation of mesospheric winds at 52[grados] N, in: Weather and Climate Responses to Solar Variations.
The scientists also used their lasers to study polar mesospheric clouds.
More directly, MIGHTI builds on technology previously used in NRL's SHIMMER (Spatial Heterodyne Imager for Mesospheric Radicals), a payload aboard STPSat-1.
Data from pressure-modulated infrared sounders [selective chopper radiometer (SCR) and pressure modulator radiometer (PMR); Table 1] and one limb-viewing infrared sounder [stratospheric and mesospheric sounder (SAMS)] were curated by a project funded by the U.
NLC displays will only be seen when ice forms within some part of the polar mesospheric sheath cloud.
Yet the NLC phenomenon itself is not global, for its appearance is dictated by mesospheric temperature; NLCs form only in surroundings colder than around -130 [degrees] C (-200 [degrees] F).
The primary payload was the Spatial Heterodyne Imager for Mesospheric Radicals (SHIMMER), provided by NRL's Space Science Division.
The purpose of this scientific study is to investigate existing scientific algorithms from the GOMOS MIPAS SCIAMACHY and TPM instruments on their feasibility to generate climatologies of mesospheric data.
The BAA is the only organisation in Britain devoted to the systematic collection and archiving of reports of this curious mesospheric ice-crystal phenomenon, which over the last few years is suspected of increasing in frequency and being observed further from the poles.
The AIM mission is a two-year program to study polar mesospheric clouds, which are the highest altitude clouds that form in the Earth's atmosphere.
Kodera 2006), polar tropospheric clouds (Kohma and Sato 2014), and mesospheric dynamics and the breakdown and reformation of the stratopause (e.