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Synonyms for mesmerizing

attracting and holding interest as if by a spell

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New Delhi [India], Jan 31 ( ANI ): 'Queen' Deepika Padukone features on the cover of Femina's February issue and looks mesmerizing.
A Few Minor Adjustments is a straightforward, mesmerizing account -- with a dose of dry humor and wit -- of one woman's struggles to regain her health and live a life without constant pain.
A mystery man who hides his face behind a golden helmet, his performances are mesmerizing, so much so that his fans start believing he really is Elvis Presley.
Movement proceeds from left to right in a rapid, braided undulation, but the effect is oddly less mesmerizing than that of the show's strongest video, Coke Girl.
Globe-trotting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who has been mesmerizing world diplomats in her new role, will be the subject of a new biography acquired by Rodale Inc.
An absolutely fascinating guidebook to how people think in general and how to use this knowledge to one's advantage, and a mesmerizing read regardless of whether one is pursuing a marketing career.
It's quite mesmerizing in the way that very bright lights randomly flashing in your face is mesmerizing.
Elliott's lucid and mesmerizing, account of her quest is very informative about Israeli barbarism and the injustices it perpetrates daily against ordinary Palestinians.
Cumani returns to the San Siro track today, with unraced juveniles Mesmerizing and Reine Cleopatre, both of whom will be ridden by Fernando Jovine.
The electronic entertainment industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar business through mesmerizing advancements in computer technology.
What is evident, however, is that as soon as native workers were successfully mesmerizing sahibs and their families, the hierarchy of power was reversed.
Still, as mesmerizing and overpowering as the battle scenes are, it is ultimately the tenacious and fragile humanity of the men caught in the melee of war that makes Saving Private Ryan an extraordinarily gripping film.
Invented in 1963, a decorative fixture-in many homes during the 1970s, and still in production, Lava Lite lamps are now the object of renewed curiosity Indeed, researchers have come up with a novel application of the mesmerizing movements of the lamp's globules.