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Synonyms for mesmerizing

attracting and holding interest as if by a spell

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Company president Kent Wyatt commented, "Kids of all ages love to watch and perform magic tricks and Brandon is one of the best at teaching and mesmerizing his audience at the same time.
Catalyst, with its rather melodramatic plot, is not quite as mesmerizing as Anderson's masterpiece, Speak, but anything by this author is well worth reading.
In an orgy of bodies, the dancers writhed and coupled chaotically--Sappington's choreography revealed a beautiful mass of independent movement groupings that was both disturbing and mesmerizing.
It's utterly mesmerizing, a remarkable achievement on every count.
These projects become tests, exercises in fastidious procedures that somehow constantly shift their parameters, creating mesmerizing paintings that unmask the illusion of stability and introduce equal amounts of doubt and pleasure into the always complex act ivity of looking.
Harry Partch's mesmerizing battery of invented instruments segues into Marc Blitzstein's urban jazz impulse adapted to the piano concerto format.
0 and OpenGL(R) feature sets to ensure unmatched visual quality and mesmerizing 3D graphics.
Surprisingly, this audio about a group of incompetent terrorists and their botched kidnapping becomes a mesmerizing paean to the arts and human connection.
A mesmerizing mix of song, rhythm, sustained movement and visual effects, the piece capped a fascinating program of new music and dance.
In mesmerizing performances, Bitton invokes Edith Piaf, interpreting the immortal chanteuse's famous songbook instead of simply mimicking it.
Indeed, the hand-wrought surfaces are articulate: The aforementioned noodles (which function more formally than symbolically), pieces of color Xeroxes patterned with numbers (mostly sixes, nines, and zeros in these works), and Magic Marker drawings are layered into mesmerizing grids that resemble satellite photographs or circuit-boards--images of raw information.
She creates a mesmerizing blend of serenity and edginess, despair and hope.
He's aided by the mesmerizing work of Dharkar, who is in nearly every frame of the movie.
And it is a highly sophisticated life that we witness, achieved through an amalgam of precise and savvy theatrical choices: found furniture (a couch, a kitchen, a collection of stools), masterful actors (Belgian stage actress Viviane De Muynck and Gonzalo Cunill from Argentina), and mesmerizing dancers (Spaniard Eduardo Torroja, Anglo-Turkish Tijen Lawton, and Italian-born Carlotta Sagna, who also choreographed Morning Song).