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Synonyms for mesmerized

having your attention fixated as though by a spell

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New Delhi, February 24 (ANI): Now US President, Barack Obama is mesmerized by Slumdog Millionaire.
Investors and developers were mesmerized by the charm of the 110,000 sq.
Painted in fast, loose strokes, such scenes take sharp turns into the absurd: a boy mesmerized by the miracle of his own canoe-size sneakers, the appearance of sheep and a ghost against looming backdrops of public housing, not to mention the bizarre clash of nineteenth-century lace-up boots, bowler hats, and petticoats with contemporary do-rags and NBA gear.
While relaxing on the deck of the cruiser with the breeze from the water tapping your skin, you will be mesmerized by the rolling hills of green foliage, the layers and layers of golden pagodas (Buddhist temples), and the, riverbank locals conducting their daily routines, such as washing clothes, keeping an eye on playing children, and waving from the riverbank as the cruiser passes by.
For example, a picture of a contemporary operating theater, or the carefully annotated political cartoons showing Victoria and Peel as successful mesmerists (thus demonstrating the power of the mesmerizer and the inferiority of the mesmerized subject), are exciting testimonies to her argument; whereas portraits of Dionysius Lar dner or Thomas Wakley, or even the playbill showing Charles Dickens as an actor in a private performance of Inchbald's Animal Magnetism, are of marginal interest.
Chilling in the same way as Truman Capote's In Cold Blood mesmerized readers, IceCycles, analyzes how abuse and illness of a child can lead to the death of another.
For more than three decades, this is how the artist has mesmerized audiences with a melange of sound rooted in his native Spain.
Inside the hotel lobby, you will be mesmerized by the 25-foot ficus trees reaching for the ceiling of a soaring glass atrium.
About 650 fans crowded into the club and stood mesmerized and worshipful as a retrospective of Madonna videos played on a movie-theater-size screen.
Party-goers will be mesmerized by the beautiful Carmen Electra and the Bombshell Babes as they push the art of burlesque to its limits, rock out to the music of Jet, dance all night as DJ AM spins the hottest music tracks, and celebrate into the morning with the ultimate host, P.
Despite the darkness of tone - it constantly evokes Grimaldi, the clown who laughs on the outside and cries on the inside - and some harsh language, my young stepdaughters were mesmerized by ``Alegria.
Mesmerized by their seemingly boneless arms, I recall that the Balinese word for dancing is ngigel, which also means "to bend.