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a person who induces hypnosis

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Mesmer referred to this as 'animal magnetism,' and this happens through what he believed was a transference of 'ethereal fluid' between the mesmerist and the client.
Coming from the lips of the mesmerist Westervelt, that comparison does not even have the redeeming naivete of the aspiring members of the community.
There was there the mighty power, whatever it be, which it is said once dared dispute the empire of heaven with the Omnipotent, and which all ages have called Satan, whether it is to be called evil with the Christian, or good with the philanthropist, a person with the believer, or a primitive and elemental force with the mesmerist.
Several years later, in the "only direct literary outcome of this episode," Dickens published "a tale of the uncanny set in Italy and called 'To Be Read At Dusk,'" in which he "makes the relationship between powerful male mesmerist and female subject explicitly sexual in nature" (Slater 233).
Assisted on-stage by the American mesmerist Sheldon Chadwick, who billed himself as "Professor Chadwick," The West London Observer reported that Brown's stage science, consisting of experiments in "mesmerism and biology" were both "excellent" and "successful" (qtd.
Her partner is Svengali, a sinister mesmerist who first appeared when Trilby was frequenting the artists' house, and who, it quickly transpired, held a bewitching spell over her.
New Thought doctrine contained Neoplatonic features (Judah 44), and showed the influence of Swedenborg, Charles Poyden, the French mesmerist, and Andrew Jackson Davis (Ahlstrom, 1026).
What she does not know is that the mesmerist is also a murderer, and when she awakes from her trance, she finds herself in the frame for the villain''s most recent crime.
The latest novel to be translated into English is set in 1938, when a Peruvian poet suffers an undiagnosed illness and is treated by the Mesmerist Pierre Pain.
Readers meet Madame Ossery, a mesmerist with a voice "like a locket opening" who provokes 'healing' trances while her assistant plays the mystical-sounding glass harmonica.
Was he treated for phimosis, or did he visit a mesmerist for psychological problems?
Daniel Pick's Svengali's Web: The Alien Enchanter in Modern Culture (2000) also argues for the dominance of Svengali the mesmerist over Trilby the mesmerised: 'there is one such shadowy entrance whose name has become synonymous with psychological manipulation: Svengali.
In the novel, Bellamy used a version of the traditional magic-trick voyage to utopia: he has his hero Julian West fall asleep under the influence of a mesmerist and wake up 113 years later.
In Mademoiselle de Maupin as well as in later writings, Gautier explores the basis on which men and women possess intelligence and spiritual love, alluding to the mesmerist and pantheistic notion of universal fluid as a foundation of these traits, core attributes of his androgynous ideal.
But rather than projecting his own nothingness exclusively on female characters, who can then conveniently embody the fearsome lack/castration he disavows in himself, Coverdale projects his own nothingness onto male characters as well, most strikingly the mesmerist Westervelt, who embodies Coverdale's "lack" in a vividly homophobic manner.