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Synonyms for mesmeric

attracting and holding interest as if by a spell

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There could be no other conclusion after his mesmeric performance for Barcelona in their Champions League victory over Bayern Munich.
By viewing these mesmeric rock formations, the reader gains a more transcendent idea of time and nature.
While Lotus is collecting money in the name of developing agricultural land and marketing farm produce, MesMeric is collecting deposits in the name of plots and flats," Sukhvinder told MAIL TODAY.
It is tempting to give The Order: 1886 five stars based on its mesmeric visuals alone.
Lesson mode provides top-notch breakdowns of all the moves you'll need to hit the arcade encounters with half a chance of success, and every subsequent competitive bout proves to be as visually mesmeric as it is aurally amazing.
What was the name of the novel by George du Maurier which featured the mesmeric Hungarian musician Svengali?
St Nicholas Abbey's mesmeric Racing Post Trophy success last October left many scribes pondering whether they had seen the next Sea The Stars.
Within seconds of starting, the crowd began to go wild to the melodic riffs, Nintendo-esque synth blips and beeps and Eva Spence''s mesmeric winding, weaving and breathtaking screams.
Deathwatch is a mesmeric, well-written psychological thriller.
a tense and gripping prison drama that is unflinchingly brutal but also inventively mesmeric.
Troy Donockley on those pipes was outstanding and Andy Dinan, a former all-Ireland fiddle champion, mesmeric.
Just 11 months on from having the F1 world in the palm of his hand with a mesmeric drive to victory in last year's race, the reigning champion came down to earth with a bump as he finished 16th, a lap behind race winner Sebastian Vettel.
He beat three defenders on a mesmeric run before driving low and hard across the face of goal, home defender Ian Sharps unwittingly firing into his own net.
In Tungam: Dance of the Terrifying Deities, clutching ritual daggers, they will gyrate, whirl, leap and swirl in large circles to the mesmeric intonation of chant and gongs.
It is, however, a fiercely energetic, dynamic showcase of talent, enthusiasm, and mesmeric visuals.