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Synonyms for mesh

Synonyms for mesh

an open fabric woven of strands that are interlaced and knotted at usually regular intervals

something that is intricately and often bewilderingly complex

to come or bring together and interlock


Synonyms for mesh

the number of openings per linear inch of a screen

contact by fitting together

the topology of a network whose components are all connected directly to every other component

the act of interlocking or meshing

keep engaged

coordinate in such a way that all parts work together effectively

work together in harmony

Related Words

entangle or catch in (or as if in) a mesh

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He said other mesh-generating software products available today either require substantial manual intervention or don't produce meshes containing hexahedrals, which are preferred for accurate modeling and simulation.
According to Taghavi, HEXAR software produces meshes for the most widely used CAE formats, including PATRAN, IDEAS, and EnSight (formerly called Multi-Purpose Graphic System).
General Meshing Enhancements - These include a new batch meshing option, improved quality of meshes on complex curved surfaces and comprehensive diagnostic tools to evaluate cooling circuit and runner design components.
The new batch meshing option gives me the flexibility to generate meshes on dedicated computational servers or schedule meshing tasks for a later time.
YAMS for optimization of tri/quad surface meshes and STL geometry meshing
The capabilities to easily work with CAD solid models and automatically create solid FEA meshes were important considerations when we chose ALGOR software as our FEA solution," said Richard R.
Global shape deformers that enable flexible and precise global deformations of polygon meshes with up to C2 continuity.
G/Turbo is a tool that enables the rapid creation of FLUENT meshes for turbomachinery applications.
CFX-5's new meshing tools provide tremendous geometric flexibility," says Michael Raw, Vice President of CFX Product Development, "it greatly reduces the user time needed for even the toughest geometries found in many industrial applications, and does so with high quality hybrid element meshes that resolve boundary layers and regions of geometric detail".
a leading maker of software for mechanical engineers, today announced new one-step assembly meshing for generating high-quality, unstructured FEA meshes more quickly.
In this release, both the MDL and the STL translation tools are incorporated with the new mesh matching technology for Fusion meshes.
com) comes with a solid tetrahedral mesh engine for faster solid meshes, enhanced plate/shell modeling, linear static stress analysis, a fast solver and an HTML Report Wizard.
At $975, DesignPak features an all-new solid tetrahedral mesh engine for faster solid FEA meshes, enhanced plate/shell modeling (including the all-new midplane meshing), linear static stress analysis and an HTML Report Wizard.