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Synonyms for mesh

Synonyms for mesh

an open fabric woven of strands that are interlaced and knotted at usually regular intervals

something that is intricately and often bewilderingly complex

to come or bring together and interlock


Synonyms for mesh

the number of openings per linear inch of a screen

contact by fitting together

the topology of a network whose components are all connected directly to every other component

the act of interlocking or meshing

keep engaged

coordinate in such a way that all parts work together effectively

work together in harmony

Related Words

entangle or catch in (or as if in) a mesh

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Without obstructing the view out through the windows, woven wire mesh acts as a sunscreen while guiding and spreading adequate natural daylight into interior rooms.
Among the rubber modified samples, the sample modified with 30 mesh fine crumb rubber had the lowest values indicating that this binder would be more flexible and therefore less susceptible to brittle fracture than the other samples.
The coach jacket comes in six different color combinations, the trainer and scout jackets come in eight solid colors, and a matching pant comes in a taffeta crinkle with mesh and taffeta lining and seven different color.
If the finest screen is 80 mesh or more, a coarse screen may be placed over it to keep it from being twisted from the rotating motion of the melt or torn by large contaminants (e.
50-millisecond mesh network restoration demonstrates the fruit of our efforts to introduce GMPLS networking standards into our future network, and reduces the capital cost of growing and integrating our optical networks," said Dr.
Conventional mechanical particle size reduction methods are generally limited to the minus 40 mesh range (420 microns).
Mesh routing technology in SPEEDLAN 9000 helps customers already using MMDS, LMDS, or unlicensed base stations solve this problem.
For example, MPI can automatically search out "problem'' mesh elements (excessively distorted) and assign them to their own layer.
The rubber is then ground to a particle size from 10 to 30 mesh.
The effects of adding 50% treated ground tire crumb at various mesh sizes, treated and untreated, are shown in table 1.