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Synonyms for merry-go-round

Synonyms for merry-go-round

a never-ending cycle of activities and events (especially when they seem to have little purpose)

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a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusement

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Flora Statham (left), former owner of the merry-go-round in Coventry Indoor Market has passed away.
When I mention Merry-Go-Round as one of my favourite Canadian films from the 1960s and salaciously describe its remarkable scene of teenaged boys attending a strip club and salivating over a statuesque dancer taking it all off followed by a graphic scene of one of the boys masturbating to a Playboy centrefold, I am stared at in disbelief especially when I reveal the work's NFB provenance.
Of course, we've all been on this merry-go-round on one horse or another.
Many of the following don't have official names (like the now passe appellation "Folk Mass") but most of us have experienced them: the Rock 'n Roll Mass, Rumba Mass, Inclusive Language Mass (excluding all masculine nouns and pronouns), Lovelorn Cowboy Mass, or the Merry-go-round Mass (a.
If that person grabs hold of the merry-go-round for a short time, he will run faster until he lets go.
The merry-go-round, however, is one of the most enduring rides in amusement parks, and owes its popularity to a classic appearance that has not changed in some 100 years.
Finally and dazzlingly, Barbara Hodgson takes us on a merry-go-round of a close reading from F.
You remember the feeling," says the author, "you had it as a child when the merry-go-round was going too fast, and all you wanted to do was get off.
This year, California has added three restored gems: a 1910 English clockwise carousel at Oak Meadow Park in Los Gatos, near San Jose; a 52-horse 1907 Philadelphia Toboggan Company machine at Puente Hills Mall in City of Industry; and a small 1926 Alan Herschell merry-go-round at San Diego's Parkway Plaza Mall.
Among her books are To Tell Your Love (1950), The Seagulls Woke Me (1951), Ready or Not (1953), In A Mirror (1953), Pray Love Remember (1954), The Leftover Elf (1952), Truth and Consequence (1953), Two by Two (1954), Rosemary (1955), The Day and the Way We Met (1956), Hospital Zone (1956), Because of Madeline (1957), Goodbye My Shadow (1957), Second Nature (1958), And Love Replied (1958), Some Merry-Go-Round Music (1959), A Dog on Barkham Street (1960), Emmett's Pig (1960), and The Beautiful Friend (1960).
Playpumps work on a simple concept: as children spin on a merry-go-round, water is pumped from below the ground, and is then stored in a tank just a few feet away, making a safe, plentiful supply of water available in the community.
The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), the South Central Railway (SCR) and the Singareni Collieries Company Ltd (SCCL) has inked a tripartite deal for transportation of 35 lakh tonnes of coal every year to NTPC via merry-go-round rail line.
Here we have one of those whirligig cases where an asylum seeker goes up and down on the merry-go-round leaving one wondering when the music will ever stop.
It must scale down this mad merry-go-round that teams and players find themselves in - heading off for two-Test tours and sevenmatch ODI series with a few Twenty20s thrown in.
In the centre of the market stands another key historic feature noted by English Heritage, a children's merry-go-round, although it now covers another artistic feature - a central "sun" mosaic.