merry andrew

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a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior

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Steeled knights of the Conquest, bearded statesmen of Queen Elizabeth, and high-ruffled ladies of her court, were mingled with characters of comedy, such as a party-colored Merry Andrew, jingling his cap and bells; a Falstaff, almost as provocative of laughter as his prototype; and a Don Quixote, with a bean pole for a lance, and a pot lid for a shield.
Bebbington is adept at capturing the music's different moods such as Puck's Birthday and Merry Andrew whose insouciance and high spirits recall Percy Grainger.
Because such antick Tricks, and odd grimace, After their drunken Feasts on Holidays, The giddy and hot-headed Rout would please: As the wild Feats of Merry Andrews now Divert the sensless Crowd at Bartholmew.