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a cell that arises from the asexual division of a parent sporozoan during its life cycle

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In some scientists' article, they assessed the roles of PP5 of second-generation merozoites in Eimeria tenella in the anticoccidial activity of TEM and quantitative real-time PCR were used to monitor the ultrastructural changes of EtPP5.
Merozoite surface proteins in red blood cell invasion, immunity and vaccines against malaria.
Production and characterization of clinical grade Escherichia coli derived Plasmodium falciparum 42kDa merozoite Surface protein 1 ([MSP1.
We have analyzed the genetic diversity of Merozoite surfaceprotein-2 (MSP-2) antigenas a potential vaccine candidate [11].
Primers: Primers (IA-1 and IA-2: First base, Singapor) were used for the amplification of the gene coding for surface protein of the merozoite (Table-2).
Polymorphism at the merozoite surface protein-3alpha locus of Plasmodium vivax: global and local diversity.
Amino terminal peptides from the Plasmodium falciparum EBA-181/JESEBL protein bind specifically to erythrocytes and inhibit in vitro merozoite invasion.
IgG isotype to C-terminal 19 kDa of Plasmodium vivax merozoite surface protein 1 among subjects with different levels of exposure to malaria in Brazil.
11) Those which escape destruction invade the hepatocytes and start heavily replicating, passing through the schizont and the merozoite stages.
The interaction between PEM and Plasmodium falciparum malaria however is unclear as it is unknown whether the malaria antibodies namely Merozoite surface protein (MSP), Liverstage Antigen (LSA), and Circumsporozoite Surface Protein (CSP) can be used as a diagnostic tools.
The mechanisms underlying malaria protection by these genetic RBC variants have been studied extensively and can be classified into several broad groups: (a) reduced probability of merozoite invasion into the variant RBCs, (b) impairment of parasite growth within the variant RBCs, (c) enhanced removal of the parasitized variant RBCs, and (d) enhanced probability of infection early in life, particularly with P.
The newer generations of MRDD are using more antigens like merozoite protein 2 and circumsporozoite proteins.
Neal of UAB Malaria vaccine candidate Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 6: assessing genetic diversity in the Peruvian Amazon.