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Synonyms for meronymy

the semantic relation that holds between a part and the whole

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The relations which are particularly richly represented here are meronymy and hyponymy.
Synsets are connected through a series of relations: antonymy (opposites), hyponymy/hypernymy (isa), meronymy (part-of), etc.
As Table 2 indicates, compared to content students, a greater number of non-content students make use of word repetition and meronymy.
To this classification, we added two additional categories: meronymys and antonyms.
As can be inferred from the raw frequencies and the means shown in Table 1, word repetition is the most frequent lexical reiteration tie in the compositions of both groups, followed by superordinates/ hyponyms, meronymys and synonyms.
In the first place, the percentages of students who produce at least one instance of superordinates, synonyms, antonyms, and general nouns are higher for content students; on the contrary, in the case of word repetition and meronymys the percentages of use are higher in the non-content group than in the content one.
Subdomains Move Step Cardiac Results Presenting (64%) General Disorder Methods Introduction (40%) Cardiac Disorder Results Observing (63%) Conclusion -64% Protocol of the Method Introduction Therapy -58% Therapy Method Description (50%) Results Presenting (50%) Subdomains Substitution Reference Cardiac Synonymy: subtechnical terms, General hyponymy Disorder Cardiac Disorder Meronymy Synonymy: acronyms Comparison definition Protocol of the Synonymy: eponym, subtechnical Comparison Therapy terms Therapy Synonymy abbreviation, Comparison subtechnical terms Subdomains Prominence Cardiac Repetition Passive voice General Forefronting Expentancy chains Disorder Cardiac Disorder Repetition Passive voice Forefronting Protocol of the Passive voice Therapy Therapy Table 6.
Both languages reported repetition as the most frequent sub-type, but synonymy and meronymy were the least used sub-categories.
R = {[perpendicular to], Synonymy, Antonymy, Hyperonymy, Hyponymy, Meronymy, Holonymy} is a set of relations