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half woman and half fish

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Experience: Hannah Californian-based Linden Wolbert has already registered her interest in the job, saying: "I am curious what the going rate is for this fintastic mermaid gig.
Each winner to receive 1 x Alba 16inch Pink Flat Screen HD Ready TV (rrp pounds 130); 1 x Barbie as Merliah Doll (rrp pounds 25); 1 x Barbie in a Mermaid Tale doll (rrp pounds 20); 2 x Barbie Mermaid Co-Star Dolls (rrp pounds 26 each) delivered within 28 days of competition closing.
The mermaid obliged and, amazingly, he started reciting the Theory of Relativity.
Love-struck mermaid swaps her gorgeous voice to get magical legs from the scary (really) Sea Witch.
Agreeing to a deal with the Sea Witch to gain legs so she can be with the prince on land, the Little Mermaid learns that nothing comes without a price.
Disney takes young viewers under the sea again, with a special remastered two-disc set of ``The Little Mermaid.
In the 1880s it was rebuilt, with impressive twin towers adding to its prestige as The Mermaid Hotel.
The statue of Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid, which stands at the entrance of Copenhagen harbour, was knocked from its stone base into the water yesterday (11 September).
The mermaid got me to thinking about roadside signs, more particularly the difference between the ones you get in Toronto and the ones you see in Sudbury; two places I drive into and out of a lot.
We are pleased to be working with the city in the redevelopment of Coney Island and look forward to the success of the revitalized Mermaid Avenue," he added.
The mermaid is a blend of many different glazes to get the three-dimensional effect for her face and her body.
Plant variety protection certificate (#8500166) for Mermaid meadowfoam.
Like fairies, mermaids were believed to have magical powers.
Growing up in the high desert of the Southwest and never having seen the ocean, I'd have given anything to be a mermaid rather than a girl, and yet the heroine yearned to become a human and live on the land.
SAN DIEGO -- In a traditionally conservative industry, Chicken of the Sea is using humor to engage audiences with a new commercial featuring a pirate seeking treasure and "booty" from the Mermaid.