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Synonyms for meritoriousness

the quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance)

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Thus, the court concluded that it is clear that the parameters of the plaintiffs medical malpractice complaint must be judged by the allegations set forth in the four comers of that pleading and cannot be expended by statements made by the health professional's report which was prepared and submitted solely in order to satisfy the statutory requirement of certifying the meritoriousness of the plaintiffs case.
But, apart from Protestant concern about what was judged to be the spiritual abuses in pilgrimage practice, including opportunity for immorality, idolatrous devotion to relics and images, and the general meritoriousness of the act of pilgrimage itself, the Reformation's indirect undermining of the very idea of sacred space is equally important.
To counteract the poison of demeritoriousness, the higher potency medication of meritoriousness ought to be applied will all depend as to who calls the shots.
It serves as an outstanding classroom illustration of the advantage group's belief in the meritoriousness of their rewards and the invisibility of oppression and privilege.
This article does not intend to pass judgment on the worthiness or meritoriousness of any academic or institutional hierarchies, nor the general quality or social utility of the academic work of CRCs or the CRC program in general.