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In the silicosis litigation, Judge Jack did not directly address the meritoriousness of any of the individual lawsuits because the rulings were confined to the admissibility of the expert testimony under Daubert.
It serves as an outstanding classroom illustration of the advantage group's belief in the meritoriousness of their rewards and the invisibility of oppression and privilege.
1841) (concerning the meritoriousness of a publication featuring George Washington's letters, in light of the fact that a third of them had been previously published verbatim).
This article does not intend to pass judgment on the worthiness or meritoriousness of any academic or institutional hierarchies, nor the general quality or social utility of the academic work of CRCs or the CRC program in general.
10) Leibniz saw the existence of the actual world as a decisive argument against hopelessness, since existence could not be realized in a realm of topless meritoriousness.