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a form of social system in which power goes to those with superior intellects

the belief that rulers should be chosen for their superior abilities and not because of their wealth or birth

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Bell might have paid closer attention to the rule of law problem, but it does not pose a negation so much as a modification of the meritocracy model.
But meritocracy is a new beat for the Irish RFU, for the provinces and the Pro12, and there will have to be an adjustment in how people approach the season, in how people approach recruitment and how people approach their academies.
This new approach has been dubbed "compassionate meritocracy.
Kaplan and Mason suggest that becoming self-aware, changing our messaging and increasing our exposure to diversity will help us to overpower our old biases and allow us to work toward our true goal of meritocracy.
The ideal of meritocracy has deep roots in this country.
Numbers of committees in each province and at federal level have been constituted under the Prevention Regime to bring good governance through strengthening regulators and authorities established to ensure rule of law, transparency accountability and meritocracy in overall executive system.
In order to do this, we contemplate the historical merits and demerits of meritocracy in the first section.
He also knew that creating a meritocracy that rewards excellence would attract the best people to education.
There is no point in education if meritocracy does not exist.
Andrew Neil looked to the beginnings of a meritocracy he perceived in post war Britain, now halted.
Meritocracy is sacrificed upon the altar of mediocrity as it is politically incorrect, and elitism is near blasphemous.
As Chairman of the Higher Council for Science and Technology, HRH addressed the next decadeAAEs scientific research priorities, affirming that securing future generations requires the use of Aobest practiceAo to serve the public interest and meritocracy to keep our Aobest and brightestAo
Summary: A culture of meritocracy has helped HDFC Bank gain the confidence of its employees.
Class and privilege are still reasons why Liverpool is not the city it can be, and that a Tory government risks reversing what progress there has been over the last 13 years towards genuine meritocracy.
Part II looks at how theological considerations, meritocracy, and the fear of social democracy influence perceptions on democratic values and influence actions justified as democratic, from Palestine and Israel through to U.