merit pay

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extra pay awarded to an employee on the basis of merit (especially to school teachers)

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Therefore, we examined the relationship between the merit pay policy effect and PSM in a Chinese school teacher context, as well as the conditions that moderate this relationship.
Ruiz didn't receive a merit pay increase last year, because the council didn't evaluate him.
Proponents of merit pay argue that traditional pay structures reward longevity as much as effectiveness, mediocrity as much as excellence.
As education policy churns through fad after fad, merit pay is really hot right now.
Ben Austin's opinion that instituting merit pay would solve the education problems is not just misguided, it shows profound ignorance in how the dynamics of a classroom and that of a school actually work.
Seventy-one percent of teachers who are 32 or younger strongly or somewhat favored merit pay for teachers who "consistently work harder, putting in more time and effort than other teachers.
Kathryn Brothers, technology teacher at Lagow Elementary School in Dallas, disagrees: "A good teacher is a good teacher, and all merit pay does is divide and separate us, and create a negative atmosphere on campus where teachers compete for what I consider insignificant amounts of money.
The Newspaper Guild Local 34070 says its members voted 56-45 on Tuesday in favor of the contract, which runs through August 2011 and suspends all merit pay increases.
I will not even entertain merit pay because I believe that merit pay is an insult.
Talk about hot button issues, talk about the elephant in the room, merit pay is like a pachyderm on fire these days.
A study by a University of Arkansas team of a merit pay program in Little Rock claimed significant gains in student performance on standardized tests.
Merit pay will persuade highly-qualified people to enter teaching.
Now Lucas have relented and told all their workers: "We'll give equal merit pay to all our long service workers.
For teachers, the proposals favor merit pay based on student performance as a way to increase the productivity of schools.