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extra pay awarded to an employee on the basis of merit (especially to school teachers)

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While merit bonus plans are very similar to conventional merit pay plans in most aspects, the key difference is that the bonus does not become an annuity, to be paid in future years even if performance declines, as is the case with conventional merit pay.
This paper had its genesis in an e-mail exchange between the authors about a news report on Mayor Gulliani's proposal to initiate a merit pay plan for New York City Schools (see, Berrafato, 2000; Brownstein, 2001).
With both the merit pay and cost-of-living hike, Ruiz's annual pay will rise from $188,947 to $204,345, an increase of $15,398.
Proponents of merit pay argue that traditional pay structures reward longevity as much as effectiveness, mediocrity as much as excellence.
That is not the only time a merit pay bill has seemed on the verge of success, only to founder or be undermined by the need to compromise.
Seventy-one percent of teachers who are 32 or younger strongly or somewhat favored merit pay for teachers who "consistently work harder, putting in more time and effort than other teachers.
I will not even entertain merit pay because I believe that merit pay is an insult.
A study by a University of Arkansas team of a merit pay program in Little Rock claimed significant gains in student performance on standardized tests.
Merit pay will persuade highly-qualified people to enter teaching.
Now Lucas have relented and told all their workers: "We'll give equal merit pay to all our long service workers.
Arguing for increased use of teacher merit pay, one author notes the potential for perverse incentives and counterproductive behavior, without noting that the zero-sum nature of public-sector merit pay and the difficulty of measuring merit without competition and market-determined prices are responsible for that problem.
For teachers, the proposals favor merit pay based on student performance as a way to increase the productivity of schools.
In many cases, they seek to apply principles from the business world, such as competition, accountability and merit pay, to a publicly funded industry that has long resisted them.
GAO was subsequently asked to examine six other DOE laboratories and determine (1) whether differences exist for managerial and professional women and minorities compared with men and Whites in salaries, merit pay increases, separation patterns, and promotion rates; (2) what EEO concerns laboratory women and minorities have raised; and (3) what DOE and OFCCP have done to implement GAO's earlier recommendation.
The distinction between annual COLA and merit increases at a unionized, public, liberal arts college allows us to estimate the return to faculty seniority with respect to total salary and its components, cost-of-living and promotion-adjusted starting salary and accumulated merit pay.