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undifferentiated tissue from which new cells are formed, as at the tip of a stem or root

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Plant tops were harvested and used for meristem tissue culture at Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute (MARI) in Dar es Salaam.
In the monocotyledons, the term etagen/storied relates to the arrangement of cells of the lateral meristem (etagen meristem) and the cork tissue (storied cork) as visible in transverse plane (Cheadle, 1937; Rudall, 1991; Donoghue, 2005; Evert, 2006; Verma & Khosa, 2012), while in the dicotyledons, it refers to the stratified arrangement of cells of the vascular cambium (Fig.
At a basic level, three major developmental shifts must occur to establish a normal, functional gemma: 1) a shoot meristem must be formed in a position that would normally bear a leaf, 2) the extension of the shoot must be slowed and then arrested at an early stage of development and 3) an abscission layer must form to allow the gemma to be dispersed.
Justime's marketing director Chinger Pan introduced that the Nature faucet presents infinite imagination of life, saying that his company's designers observed kinds of organisms to sketch the contours of the product for expounding orderless growth and the concept of meristem.
Changes in height and diameter can be caused by changes in water status of the plant, but new areoles represent new tissue generated at the apical meristem.
Stem height was measured as the distance from the ground to the apical meristem or end of the remaining stem.
Amanda Howard, AdFarm President; Deb Wilson, FBC, Vice-President; Jenn Norrie, Woodruff Sweitzer, Treasurer; Emily Kay, Alltech, Secretary; Brad Brinkworth, Meristem, Board Member at Large; Janet Kanters, McCormick, Board Member at Large, and Matt Dertinger, Bayer CropScience, Board Member at Large.
Plant hormone auxin is involved in the control of several and distinct processes, such as embryogenesis, all types of organogenesis, root meristem maintenance, vascular tissue differentiation, hypocotyl and root elongation, apical hook formation, apical dominance, fruit ripening, growth responses to environmental stimuli, and others [1, 2].
To my mind, the published form of Dyckia estevesii can be likened to the monstrose crested forms of cactus where the meristem only divides distichously.
The shoot meristem, which will give rise to all the "above-ground" organs such as the stem, the leaves and the flowers, and is the site of photosynthesis; and the root meristem, which gives rise to the root system, which lies below the ground and provides water and nutrients to the plant.
Genotoxic potentiality of mercurials has been evaluated in plant test systems mostly by exploring their ability to induce cytological anomalies in root meristem [1-12] cells.
In pre-anthesis, the middle portion and the inner epidermis of the ovary differentiate in two meristems (Figura 1B) (middle meristem and adaxial or ventral meristem).
Larvae bore their way into the young terminal meristem where they induce elliptical galls beginning to appear in early summer.
In order to examine the compensatory response of aspen meristem units, we observed isolated meristems under incubation that were clipped in simulated browsing treatments during the previous growing season.