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undifferentiated tissue from which new cells are formed, as at the tip of a stem or root

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against Meristem and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as defendants/respondents, the Tribunal ruled that the preponderance of evidence before it showed that Meristem Securities Limited failed to discharge the duty of care required of it to the investor who is its client.
We found that one of these sulfated peptide families indeed rescued proximal meristem activity of tpst-1 at nanomolar concentrations and accordingly named it the RGF family9 (Fig.
These results show that all juice samples tested, under the conditions established, were cytotoxic to root meristem cells of Allium cepa, because they have caused marked anti proliferative effect to root meristems.
The use of direct regeneration systems via organized meristem cultures such as enhanced axillary branches are preferred (Vasil, 1994), because they can resist genetic changes occurring during cell division and differentiation and produce true to type plants (Shenoy and Vasil, 1992).
Early in development, the shoot apical meristem produces only leaves, each of which develops a meristem in its axil.
the fundamental meristem cells are isodiametric, larger in the medulla than in the cortical region of the cotyledon (Figure 4--ix).
Meristem tip culture, also known as virus elimination, is a technique based on the principal of pathogen exclusion where cells or tissues that do not harbour viruses are cultured and allowed to regenerate into a fully functional plant [9].
Similar results (slowdown and stop organogenesis and lower meristem activity) were observed histologically in sunflower [18] in [16].
Finally, an apical, conspicuous multicellular meristem was developed (Fig.
More recently, one of my former doctoral students has developed a laser weeding system that uses machine vision to recognize the species, biomass, leaf area, and position of the meristem (growing point).
Meristem Securities Limited and Guaranty Trust Bank PLC acted as the Broker and Banker on the transaction.
Each plant consisted of about 20-50 segmented upright fronds of dif-ferent sizes, emerging from a crustose base; each frond had one to several branches, each ending in an apical meristem (see Johansen, 1981).
The current study is designed to explore the action of quercetin against dimethoate induced chromosomal aberrations in Allium sativum root meristem cells.