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Synonyms for merging

the act of joining together as one

a flowing together

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flowing together


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Lastly and most importantly, drivers already on the freeway need to be aware and let merging traffic in.
Merging the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs and Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, under the Ministry of Municipalities and Environment
The reference axis for the interaction being the top merging axis.
Others say a valuator that is jointly hired by merging parties can be fair to both of them.
That victory was short-lived, as Mississippi officials announced they planned to correct the problem by merging MVSU with DSU at the latter's campus.
Happily, an algorithm by Kronrod [8] solves this dilemma by merging in both linear time and constant extra space.
To be frank, West Australians do not have a great reputation when it comes to merging.
In summary, employers may achieve several advantages by merging their MPPP and profit-sharing retirement plan, including:
Merging can create market power, and regulators scrutinize deals in terms of product or service concentration, geography and the availability of substitute products within a market, to be sure the new entity does not overwhelm all competition.
Regardless of whether a merger is structured as a taxable or tax-free transaction, merging in the wrong direction can be disastrous for Federal income tax purposes.