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Synonyms for merging

the act of joining together as one

a flowing together

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flowing together


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References in classic literature ?
Behind him, across the sea, was that one straight line of grey merging into silver.
With the purchase version, users can get the full merging of the files within ample of seconds.
Traveling a few meters per second relative to the rotation of Saturn's gaseous interior, the storms--one moving twice as fast as the other--collided and spun around each other before merging over a 2-day period that began March 19.
The differences between merging and acquiring are important to valuing, negotiating and structuring a client's transaction.
Obviously, the relative sizes of the merging parties matter a great deal.
That victory was short-lived, as Mississippi officials announced they planned to correct the problem by merging MVSU with DSU at the latter's campus.
Merging two pairs of closed-end Funds together for greater efficiencies in 2005, and merging one closed-end Fund into an open-end fund managed by Putnam Investments in 2006.
In summary, employers may achieve several advantages by merging their MPPP and profit-sharing retirement plan, including:
Merging can create market power, and regulators scrutinize deals in terms of product or service concentration, geography and the availability of substitute products within a market, to be sure the new entity does not overwhelm all competition.