merger agreement

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contract governing the merger of two or more companies

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Under the merger agreement, GRR Acquisition is obligated to use its best efforts to obtain financing on terms contemplated at the time of the original merger agreement that would permit it to consummate the acquisition at the cash purchase price of $9.
Central Parking Corporation's Board of Directors, following the unanimous recommendation of a Special Committee composed entirely of independent directors, has approved the merger agreement and also will recommend approval by Central Parking's shareholders.
The merger is subject to execution by both parties of a definitive merger agreement and the satisfaction of a number of closing conditions which are expected to be contained in the definitive merger agreement, including approval of the merger by the Mississippi Gaming Commission.
As previously announced on December 22, 2006, ADESA entered into a definitive merger agreement under which affiliates of Kelso & Company, GS Capital Partners, ValueAct Capital and Parthenon Capital will acquire all of the outstanding common stock of ADESA for $27.
The Board of Directors of the company, based in part upon the recommendation of a special committee of independent directors, has approved the merger agreement and will recommend the merger agreement to the company's shareholders for their approval.
Among other things, the Amended Merger Agreement extends the deadline to complete the contemplated merger to July 31, 2007 (from January 31, 2007) and provides that either party may terminate the Amended Merger Agreement if the merger is not completed by such date.
Davis, chairman and chief executive officer of Paramount, said: "The merger agreement with QVC included bidding procedures previously adopted by the board of directors of Paramount.
Accordingly, while at this time the merger agreement with Brookfield remains in effect, the Board of Directors has authorized The Mills, subject to satisfaction of the terms and conditions set forth in the Simon/Farallon offer, to terminate the merger agreement with Brookfield and enter into a definitive agreement with the Simon/Farallon group, unless, within three business days, The Mills and Brookfield amend the existing Brookfield agreement or Brookfield irrevocably agrees to enter into an amendment to that agreement that causes the transaction contemplated by the Simon/Farallon offer to cease to be a Superior Competing Transaction, as defined in the Brookfield merger agreement.
The parties to the merger agreement expect the closing to occur on February 28, 2007.
30, 1993, and therefore the family intends to exercise its right to terminate the existing Merger Agreement after Sept.
As a result of these events, ElkCorp has the right to terminate the Carlyle merger agreement upon payment to Carlyle of a termination fee of $29 million, and thereafter is free to accept BMCA's offer, which expires if not accepted on or before February 6, 2007.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Bergen Brunswig Corporation, (AMEX: BBC) announced today a definitive merger agreement with Durr- Fillauer Medical, Inc.
and the other parties to its pending merger agreement in which Cryptometrics has, among other matters, approved the agreement regarding the restructuring of the Cornell financing described below, waived the condition in the merger agreement requiring that the Company's stock be authorized for listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market prior to the closing and agreed to fund various expenses of the Company in connection with the Closing.
CHICAGO -- Equity Office Properties Trust (NYSE: EOP) today announced that it has amended its merger agreement entered into on November 19, 2006 with affiliates of The Blackstone Group.