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an appearance of truth that is false or deceptive

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But it was her very meretriciousness that had made Mara the most successful panderess on the West Coast, expert in arranging the copulations of giant corporations for which she was rewarded with obscene amounts of money which she proceded to spend in equally obscene ways.
He might be seen as one who had outlived the idealisms of chivalry and faith but found nothing to fill the vacuum that they left; who exposed the meretriciousness of institutionalized religion, but retreated into its most inflexible dogma when his humanity was exhausted; who recognized no central social value in law and other forms of contract, but saw only what was hollow and saleable; who made many generous gestures towards women, but returned generally to a conventional misogyny; who viewed life in a spirit of pessimism interspersed with irrepressible hilarity" (Pearsall, Life 7-8).
Land" emphasizes the meretriciousness of the indigenous Southern
The tedium of the material does not, of course, preclude the possibility of an engaging historical narrative: one can well imagine a striking, entertaining volume based on boring sources, the sharp blade of the author's critical mind cutting through the unappealing surface to the core of political machinations, decoding the language anti reading between the lines, spurring the reader to outrage at the combination of meretriciousness and ruthless ambition that characterized the proletarian music movement.
For all the meretriciousness and shallowness of the British media, it has a long way still to go before it catches up with ours in sheer self-obsession.