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in a meretricious manner


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We cannot dismiss a playwright as meretriciously violent if he wins so many prestigious awards.
It is, however, extremely amusing and clever--though here I must add that I use the word "clever" at least partially in its English sense, that is to say meretriciously and ostentatiously intelligent rather than deeply so; it is more a search for applause than truth.
Hilary himself (Trinity 4:25, 8:1) demanded that bishops be eloquent, not meretriciously but to assist audiences' understanding.
How Doc Waddems Finally Broke 100'' relates the sorry saga of a mild-mannered, long-suffering dentist (Newhart), and his nightmarish 18 holes with a meretriciously meticulous attorney (Kelsey Grammer, channeling Frasier circa his early ``Cheers'' appearances) who insists on assessing every penalty stroke the rule book can conjure up.
In these lines, however, he asks whether such a resolution only meretriciously addresses our sense of peripheralness after all--whether it might not be a mere sleight of hand premised on the punning equation of one kind of "middle of things" with a very different one.
It killed hundreds of innocent Serb civilians--in our name, of course--while being too cowardly to risk a single NATO life in defense of the poor and the weak for whom it meretriciously claimed to be fighting.