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in a meretricious manner


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It is, however, extremely amusing and clever--though here I must add that I use the word "clever" at least partially in its English sense, that is to say meretriciously and ostentatiously intelligent rather than deeply so; it is more a search for applause than truth.
Hilary himself (Trinity 4:25, 8:1) demanded that bishops be eloquent, not meretriciously but to assist audiences' understanding.
How Doc Waddems Finally Broke 100'' relates the sorry saga of a mild-mannered, long-suffering dentist (Newhart), and his nightmarish 18 holes with a meretriciously meticulous attorney (Kelsey Grammer, channeling Frasier circa his early ``Cheers'' appearances) who insists on assessing every penalty stroke the rule book can conjure up.
It killed hundreds of innocent Serb civilians--in our name, of course--while being too cowardly to risk a single NATO life in defense of the poor and the weak for whom it meretriciously claimed to be fighting.
It's interesting to note how Graham Sutherland and Henry Moore's trips to record wartime London look meretriciously stylish alongside Philip Guston's 1937-38 Bombardment, or the subtly elliptical politics of Joan Miro or Antoni Tapies.