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the throne of God

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the golden covering of the ark of the covenant

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He's not the Luke of Mercy Seat, but my conception of Luke definitely owes something to that kind of half absurd, half distracted and sad response to crisis and dislocation.
The righteousncss of God [delta][iota][kappa][alpha][iota]o[sigma][upsilon]v[eta][theta][member of]o[upsilon]) has been made known in the meeting at that mercy seat.
He took me to a small church--the Mercy Seat Chapel of the Redeemed Christian Church of God--a largely West African congregation.
In what was essentially a greatest hits set, fans lapped up gorgeous love songs The Ship Song and Love Letter, straight rockers like Deanna, Get Ready For Love and Nature Boy and apocalyptic anthems such as the mighty We Call Upon The Author To Explain, The Mercy Seat and Stagger Lee.
They brought things to a head with Bob Dylan's Ring Them Bells and Nick Cave's The Mercy Seat, their mutual understanding and sympathy, technical facility and musical range established without question.
After the controlled realism of Strange Business (1992), she opened up the ending of The Mercy Seat (1997), dispersing the climax through the perspectives of various characters.
And in "The Mercy Seat," a spineless jerk would have died in the Sept.
Silver and Information, Mercy Seat, The Other Lover, which was a
Last year he completed filming on a new TV version of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, before starring in Neil LaBute play The Mercy Seat as a man John describes as someone 'who is deliberately reinventing himself'.
Upon opening the latest volume of poems by Susan McCaslin, At the Mercy Seat, readers can sense the silence of the verse and see the last of winter's snow.
Matt Trewhella of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee and leader of a group called Missionaries to the Pre-Born.
If Jesus is the only high priest, as the hellenic writer of Hebrews argues, then the Holy of Holies and the mercy seat are paradoxically always and never occupied.
Trewhella, whose congregation is primarily composed of people calling themselves Missionaries to the Preborn (formerly a branch of Operation Rescue), told the USTP convention that his Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee holds classes for its members on "the use of firearms and.
The reading of 1988's The Mercy Seat is quite simply breathtaking, and if you're not stirred by it in one way or another I would suggest checking your pulse.
Stranger Than Kindness and the Johnny Cash-in-fluenced modern arrangement of The Mercy Seat stand out while Jack The Ripper provides a suitably raucous finale.