mercy killing

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the act of killing someone painlessly (especially someone suffering from an incurable illness)

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The court said that the King Edward Memorial hospital in Mumbai -- where Aruna has been for 37 years and which has opposed the mercy killing plea -- could in future seek permission to withdraw life support if it changed its mind.
The prosecutors are expected to probe if the doctor's actions constituted mercy killing, which is permitted only in certain cases.
They're worried that laws legalizing mercy killing could be imposed on people who cannot speak for themselves and may not want to die.
But the Latimer case will head back to the courtroom not because of the controversial and contentious issues of rights for the disabled or the ethical dilemmas of mercy killing, but on the issue of the independence and impartiality of the jury.
New Delhi, June 21 (ANI): The impoverished family of Indian conjoined twins, Saba and Fahar Shakeel, have sought the help of the Indian government to carry out mercy killings on them to release the twins from their increasing physical agony.
THE SUPREME Court should not allow mercy killing as the government had already rejected proposals for legalising euthanasia, attorney general G.
A MAN paralysed from the neck down, who can only use his head and eyes to communicate, launched a legal challenge yesterday to clarify the law on so-called mercy killing.
VETERAN broadcaster Ray Gosling was freed on bail by police yesterday after he was questioned for 30 hours over the alleged mercy killing of a former gay lover.
Panicking writers came up with a shocking mercy killing court plot that will see doctor Brendan take the stand for murdering love rival Floyd.
But tests showed it was suffering renal failure and when the 26ft mammal got stranded again vets carried out the mercy killing.
A court yesterday adjourned the case of a Birmingham Mail columnist charged after claiming involvement in her aunt's mercy killing.
He is charged with the manslaughter of 12 people, the murder of 16 others and the mercy killing of one.
A father who killed his terminally ill son and then claimed it was a mercy killing walked free from court yesterday after being cleared of murder.
A devoted husband who admitted carrying out a mercy killing on his terminally ill wife in an "act of love" dramatically walked free from court.
Nancy Crick, a frail cancer-stricken 70-year-old grandmother in Australia whose appeals to die at a time of her choosing rekindled the debate on mercy killing has committed suicide.