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Synonyms for mercy


at the mercy of something or someone: defenceless against


  • defenceless against
  • subject to
  • open to
  • exposed to
  • vulnerable to
  • threatened by
  • susceptible to
  • prey to
  • an easy target for
  • naked before
  • unprotected against

at the mercy of something or someone: in the power of


  • in the power of
  • under the control of
  • in the clutches of
  • under the heel of

Synonyms for mercy

kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or disposition toward others

Synonyms for mercy

leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice

a disposition to be kind and forgiving

the feeling that motivates compassion

something for which to be thankful

Related Words

alleviation of distress

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In his papal bull announcing the jubilee, Francis referenced both Islam's and Judaism's emphases on God's mercy, writing, "There is an aspect of mercy that goes beyond the confines of the Church.
Joseph Drozda, Mercy cardiologist and director of outcomes research, who has overseen Mercy's implementation of UDIs.
Produced by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization at the request of Pope Francis, the eight books are resources for all Catholics to grow in understanding and appreciation of mercy in Scripture, liturgy, the sacraments and Church teaching.
By connecting the talents of a highly skilled team of dynamic professionals, Dara will deepen the impact of Mercy Corps programs worldwide," says Neal Keny-Guyer, chief executive officer at Mercy Corps.
Jesus' birth brought near God's mercy to the little ones, even as his beatitudes and parables resound with merciful promises.
Mercy and CHI recognize the extremely challenging health care environment in Arkansas and agree that enhancing the Catholic health ministry and strengthening access to health care is a key objective of the proposed transaction," Mercy officials said in a news release.
Lying on her death bed in Malawi, Lucy wept as she told the Sunday People: "My life is ending and I need to bid farewell to my Mercy.
Mercy is among only 6 percent of hospitals nationwide with an integrated EHR sophisticated enough to access and share medical records among multiple Mercy facilities in a four-state area across all outpatient and inpatient points of care.
We are proud to partner with Mercy Health System to help them fulfill their mission of providing quality, compassionate health care to the communities they serve.
One of the uncles, fisherman Peter Baneti, said: "We never wanted to let Mercy go.
Keystone Mercy Health Plan and AmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan are members of the AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies.
WHAT WOULD THE NAZARENE, WHO ELEVATED WEAKNESS and mercy and the divine imperative of peace, make of our escalating strategy for victory in Iraq?
This novel is an interesting change from the usual eating disorder problem novel for teens in that Mercy feels completely separate from the other patients and doesn't trade tips for getting thinner.
The Church's doctrine of Divine Mercy and her liturgical practices are not based on St.
This trip will provide Africa Mercy with an experienced perioperative professional who has the knowledge and wisdom to provide safe, quality care for the patients.