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contaminated by mercury

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Effect of thioligands on plant-Hg accumulation and volatilization from mercury-contaminated mine tailings.
Eating copious amounts of certain fish found in mercury-contaminated rivers, however, can pose a health risk, he said.
The most mercury-contaminated lake in the world lies in Lake County, California, where the U.
Second, the NIMD researchers ignored recent, widely reported studies by Faroe Island scientists who found harmful impairments to children's memory, language, visual-spatial abilities, and reaction times from consuming mercury-contaminated cetaceans (dolphins, porpoises, and whales).
Mercury is an environmental contaminant that can be hazardous to the health of wildlife that consume mercury-contaminated prey (Wiener et al.
Now the nonprofit groups are eager to help set strict emissions standards, ones that will begin to reverse years of damage, particularly mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants--emissions that have resulted in mercury-contaminated fish and fish advisory warnings in all 50 states.
Four years ago, the EPA and FDA issued a joint advisory warning to women of childbearing age , and warned pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children to stop eating swordfish, shark, tilefish and king mackerel, and to limit their consumption of other mercury-contaminated fish to a maximum of 12 ounces a week.
A study showed that preschoolers whose mothers ate fish twice weekly when pregnant demonstrated better verbal, visual, and motor skills in tests than those whose mothers did not eat it or ate mercury-contaminated fatty fish.
Minamata mercury-poisoning disease was officially recognized in 1956, and even unborn children were affected with mercury around that time as their mother took mercury-contaminated sea products.
For insolubilization, the spill response team would use a sulfide mixture powder on the mercury-contaminated area.
Spiders and other insects living near a mercury-contaminated river contain unusually high levels of the toxic metal, a new study finds.
According to EPA's own statistics, as many as 600,000 children born each year test positive for unhealthy levels of methylmercury, and almost every state in the nation has warned its residents about consuming mercury-contaminated seafood.
According to the World Health Organization and Health Canada, the level of mercury in people with amalgam fillings causes a body burden of mercury much higher than they would get from eating mercury-contaminated fish from Florida waters that carry government health warnings.
People are exposed to unhealthy levels of mercury when we eat mercury-contaminated fish.
Mercury-contaminated soil was found downstream from Quintard Mall and Oxford City Park in both the floodplain and in channel sediment deposits of the creek.