mercury thermometer

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thermometer consisting of mercury contained in a bulb at the bottom of a graduated sealed glass capillary tube marked in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit

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NEVER throw it or a mercury thermometer in the trash.
Subjective assessment of fever by parents: Comparison with measurement by noncontact tympanic thermometer and calibrated rectal glass mercury thermometer.
UK and German companies that source their mercury thermometers from the Unilever plant in Kodaikanal, including BA Baxter India, Cheseborough Ponds Inc.
Mercury thermometers pose a threat to human health and the environment when broken or disposed of as trash.
onthisday 1686: Birth of Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, German physicist who invented the mercury thermometer.
A typical mercury thermometer contains less than half a gram of mercury.
After a caller reported getting contradictory advice from local officials on how to dispose of a mercury thermometer, Bruce Ruck and his colleagues at the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System in Newark launched a survey of 80 state, local, and county environmental and health offices.
To overcome these variables, consider also using a "temperature standard" mercury thermometer.
In a mercury thermometer, when the temperature decreases, does the mercury expand or contract?
Participants can trade in a mercury thermometer for a digital one.
Reading an old-fashioned mercury thermometer sometimes requires some squinting.
Which German scientist invented the mercury thermometer in
Greenpeace has accused chemical manufacturer Unilever of dumping several metric tons of toxic waste from the company's mercury thermometer manufacturing plant into the southern Indian resort area of Kodaikanal and the surrounding Pambar Shola nature preserve.
To this group, the American health-care system has always been in critical condition, and there's no memory of a mercury thermometer being shaken down.