mercury fulminate

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a fulminate that when dry explodes violently if struck or heated

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But when he tried on six or seven occasions to make mercury fulminate "it simply went into a goo".
Opinion said investigations showed there was ''a large quantity'' of materials such as mercury fulminate, trinitrotoluene and pentrarrythritol tetranitrate inside the one-story annex building housing the bureau's special investigation unit.
In his four-page report to President Joseph Estrada, Opinion said there were also at least three big containers of nitric acid, a highly corrosive and hazardous material, and at least 6 kilograms of mercury fulminate stored in the building.
Nobel's first detonator used gunpowder, but by 1865 it was replaced by mercury fulminate, the first molecular initiating explosive put to commercial use.
Refinements in detonators have resulted in many changes, including the replacement of mercury fulminate by safer alternatives.