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Synonyms for mercilessness

feelings of extreme heartlessness

inhumaneness evidenced by an unwillingness to be kind or forgiving

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In Epode 17 Canidia's mercilessness is compared to the ferociousness of wild dogs tearing Hector's corpse apart.
The cruelty and mercilessness of these actions have left a family physically and mentally broken.
This, however, is not how they would want things to be, and for that reason it is so cruel, heartless, un-Christian, and offensive to the name of Jesus when those with great possessions appeal to this saying of our Savior in their mercilessness.
As city officials have pointed out, it is not only the tenants themselves affected by the mercilessness of slum landlords, but often also entire communities put at risk by waste dumping and fly-tipping perpetrated by the same people.
This mercilessness is not the mark of a great prime minister, or a justification for untempered eulogising in parliament, of for a state funeral in all but name, or a statue on a plinth in Trafalgar Square.
Wales, when they get their noses in front, must show a mercilessness characteristic of the All Blacks and look to pile up the points.
The Hindus must bundle in a corner their glorious religion of non-violence and organize their society from today until they are able to present before the oppressors and hooligans their Indian prototype who will give blow for blow with equal mercilessness.
She also pointed out that regimes that deprive their peoples their priori rights and count on mercilessness security apparatus to impose their wills are destined to fail on the long run".
They controlled Irish halls and wrestling venues with a mercilessness that would make the most ruthless of profiteering businessmen blush.
The tendency towards extremes here helps to explain why violence motivated by religion is often so vicious and barbaric, justifying its mercilessness, as it does, by claiming to be defeating absolute evil, with the end justifying the means.
Continuing this line of thinking, he argues that while medieval Christian society never "fully purged itself of cruelty or violence," it also "never incubated evils comparable in ambition, range, systematic precision, or mercilessness to death camps, gulags, forced famines, or the extravagant brutality of modern warfare" (p.
It was height of wickedness and mercilessness shown by the personnel of the law enforcement agencies and the traffic police, who did not allow the rickshaw carrying the pregnant mother of three children along with her husband and old mother-in-law to access the civil hospital for the delivery, and thus she was forced to deliver the baby in the rickshaw, the misery of the family is well understood by all.
I will suggest conscientisation of the society to see the traumas faced by victims, and mercilessness of the opportunist.
She cheers on her father's worst enormities, his mercilessness and his petty grudge-holding, wrongly understanding them to be noble (II.
For her earlier mercilessness to the young peasant "on whose heart as a worm she trod" (l.