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He got out of the car and scrutinized the weather; there was only the same heat, the same cloudless sky, the same merciless drought.
Every vestige of clothing was torn from him, and the merciless blows fell upon his bare and quivering flesh.
I am told that the Erbs are the most powerful and merciless of all the evil spirits, and the Phanfasms of Phantastico belong to the race of Erbs.
Judging, however, from what the Waganwazam had learned from those of the Russian's blacks who were not too far gone in terror of the brutal Rokoff to fear even to speak of their plans, it was apparent that he would not travel any great distance before the last of his porters, cooks, tent-boys, gun-bearers, askari, and even his headman, would have turned back into the bush, leaving him to the mercy of the merciless jungle.
AS De Vac drew his sword from the heart of the Lady Maud he winced, for, merciless though he was, he had shrunk from this cruel task.
There were grim stories about those who had yielded to the luxury of slaying these white men - stories of villages razed to the ground and destroyed, of a King himself who had been shot, of vengeance very swift and very merciless.
His eyebrows were drawn close together; his gaze was entirely merciless.
Further, by the dim, shadowy ways of intuition, he knew his weakness in that merciless sea with no heart of warmth, that threatened the unknowable thing, vaguely but terribly guessed, namely, death.
It was a wistfulness bred of hunger, as cruel as its own fangs, as merciless as the frost itself.
An Entertainment was added, comprising those merciless tests of human endurance called Recitations; light refreshments and musical performances being distributed at intervals, to encourage the exhausted audience.
There, scattered under the merciless black sky, were the crew, with the dogs and the sledges, waiting the word which was to start them on their perilous and doubtful journey.
Her head sank on her bosom: she stood before Agnes like a conscious culprit before a merciless judge.
And that night I felt that a merciless hand was drawing me back into the cage--back to a torture even more terrible than it had once been.
But Barbicane, who was a better judge, always answered him with merciless logic.
He knew that for this, for the very fact that his heart was torn with grief, they would be merciless to him.