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Synonyms for mercifulness

kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or disposition toward others

Synonyms for mercifulness

the feeling that motivates compassion

leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice

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And finally, she defended her husband, claiming that "there have been no petitions from anyone against him for any official business to your mercifulness, and he is not a drunk, but always ready from his pious labors to pay his master without any delay every duty.
But the modern case for universality always seemed to exclude very natural, universal, or common moral attitudes like heroic patriotism, righteous anger, and magnificent mercifulness.
It is noticeable that Ramadan is marked with a sense of mercifulness among people.
35) Ecologically beneficial virtues include humility, modesty, moderation, and mercifulness.
The vengeful are insisting that mercifulness has entered the souls of those who so often show none.
bless (salli) the tablet of Thy mercificity (lawh rahmaniyati-ka) upon which Thou hast written with the pen of Thy mercifulness (qalam rahmiyati-ka) and the ink of aeons of Thy merciability (midad mudad rahamutiyati-ka): (123)--"But God will not punish them [sci.
It consists then in a firm reliance on Christ's mercifulness towards even the worst of sinners who come to Him,--an experimental conviction that the soul needs a Saviour, and a full assurance that He can and will be such to it ,--a thankful acceptance of His perfect work,--an exaltation and preference of Him above all things,--a surrender of the whole man to Him,--a submission to His will,--a perception and approval of spiritual things ,--a feeling of the desirableness of God's service,--a hatred of sin,--a confession of utter unworthiness,--a self-abhorrence of what is past,'--and a resolution, in dependence on God's grace, to do better in future.
In another Hadith, Allah has stated that, "My Mercifulness has superseded My Anger.