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Samuel Walters was a talented and popular artist, whose skills were much in demand with ship owners; The American merchantman Euphrasia, in three positions off the Liverpool waterfront, by Samuel Walters, to be sold at Christie's, in New York, on July 25.
As an unescorted merchantman sailing U-boat infested waters, Dunedin Star's passage was, at best, a risky undertaking.
After many months of delay, the party left the Bahamas and landed first in Canada, where the Governor provided for their passage to England on the merchantman 'Dorchester', reaching Plymouth in October 1790 and onto London.
A few days later, they set sail from Tilbury aboard The Vilk, an armed merchantman with Danish origin, and were issued with French "occupancy" currency - the first clue of their ultimate destination.
The 84-year-old, from Peterhead in north Scotland, survived after his ship the Catapult aircraft merchantman the Empire Lawrence was sunk in a German bomb attack close to polar waters on May 27, 1942.
At age 13, Jones chose the only path to command at sea available, the rough life of an apprentice on a merchantman voyaging between England and the Caribbean.
Alternatively, because there was little difference between a merchantman and a military vessel, one could always use the traditional expedient of seizing foreign belligerent merchantmen in friendly ports and using them as the basis for one's navy.
During April 1600 the 160-ton Dutch merchantman, Liefde, came in sight of the coast of Japan.
It is apparent that every known occasion on which U-boat and merchantman or Allied warship or aircraft came into contact has been documented.
Friends and sympathisers raised funds in pubs and clubs and hired the 202-tonne converted merchantman Catalpa in America.
statesman put it, "the man-o'-war precedes the merchantman and impresses primitive peoples.
Sailing from a base in North Carolina, he sacked and pillaged the Carolinas and the Caribbean during the golden age of piracy, directing a large fleet as well as his own flagship, a captured French merchantman which he packed with 40 guns.
Subject and object, perceiver and perceived, self and other - these ancient twins are built into mind like the stem-piece of a merchantman.
A Dartmouth man, he shipped out on a merchantman and then with Captain Cook as a corporal of marines on Cook's last voyage, to try to find the Northwest Passage.
Improving upon hull below and rigging above, he makes a proud merchantman, to be wafted by the winds from continent to continent.