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one-thousandth of an equivalent

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Correlation of clinical variables Variable GSSs MEQ scores r-value p-value r-value p-value 0.
Mysticism Scale scores and MEQ scores, examining the possible roles of LSD and psilocybin dose after controlling for demographic variables, mood variables, and self-reported doses of drugs other than LSD or psilocybin.
The theoretical maximum meq of hydride per g of polymer was estimated and a five-fold molar excess of acetophenone and 0.
After creating a meQ account, members will be asked to take an in-depth stress assessment that identifies the fundamental factors influencing one's ability to manage and respond to stress.
Total parenteral nutrition was initiated with a total volume of 2 L, 120 mEq of sodium and high amino acid content.
Amikacin sulfate 250 mg / ml vial 2ml,aminophylline, injectable solution, concentration 250 mg vial of 10ml,chlorpheniramine maleate, solution for injection 10mg / 1ml ampoule,potassium chloride concentration of 10% (20 meq / 10ml), blister 10ml,dexamethasone sodium phosphate solution for injection 8mg / 2ml vial 2ml etc.
One of the patient's discharge medications on her previous admission was potassium chloride, 60 mEq three times per day by mouth, and that dosage in the presence of her renal dysfunction undoubtedly caused the hyperkalemia that occasioned the second admission.
A total of 250 mEq of sodium bicarbonate was administered.
5 mg/kg) of acetazolamide and 30 mEq of potassium chloride (to offset the urinary potassium loss caused by acetazolamide).
Fecal electrolytes revealed a sodium of 50 mEq/kg (0-160 mEq/kg), potassium 5 mEq (0-200 mEq/kg), and magnesium 1,144 mEq/kg (0-200 mEq/kg).
Current medications included insulin NPH 30 U SC, pioglitazone 30 mg daily, nifedipine XL 120 mg daily, amiodarone 100 mg daily, thiothixene 30 mg twice a day, benztropine 1 mg twice a day, and potassium chloride 20 mEq daily.