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Synonyms for menu

Synonyms for menu

a list of dishes available at a restaurant

the dishes making up a meal

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(computer science) a list of options available to a computer user

an agenda of things to do


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To support our analysis, hundreds of menu examples are woven throughout the report.
Patiently practicing the art of menu whispering with the chef, the owner, the manager and to restaurant chain executives, he delves into the dynamic, beyond just short term profitability of the dining experience they're seeking.
We concluded afterward that next time we'll start with salads and then build a dinner entirely from that impressive appetizer menu.
Also, the menu sections targeted to students and parents offers useful but limited resources, and site content targeted to teachers and administrators should be better differentiated.
Also, you should be aware that many of the button commands can be accessed only from the Commands menu--they aren't shown in the standard toolbar pull-down menus, which is why this customize feature is so important.
You can also speak by clicking on Google's microphone icon, then say "show me the menu for restaurant [restaurant]".
Their ability to help us organize and build a very large menu made a daunting task seem simple.
But under the seafood specialties grouping, South African black ruff sea bass on the earlier menu had been replaced by Uku Hawaiian snapper.
Menu selections for the three major user groups are also highlighted through prominent labeled tabs that read "for Parents," "for Students" and "for Staff.
Here's what an abbreviated drop-down menu looks like:
It took about 30 days to get the program up and running: keying resident profile information, creating the master menu and editing the food items file.
A fresh, clean-looking menu is a reflection of the restaurant.
8220;With Digital Menu Me's cloud based menu boards, FreshBerry will not only have the capability of adding updates to our menu, we can do so, with dispatch and from one central location,” says David Rutkauskas, Beautiful Brands International Founder, CEO, and President.