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Synonyms for menu

Synonyms for menu

a list of dishes available at a restaurant

the dishes making up a meal

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(computer science) a list of options available to a computer user

an agenda of things to do


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Green Edge System's LED Flashing Frozen Yogurt Menu Boards, Ice Cream Flavors Menu Boards and Toppings Menu Boards allow Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Shops to present in a colorful, attention grabbing and creative way their Frozen Yogurt Flavors, Ice Cream Flavors and Toppings offerings to customers, to help increase customer satisfaction and revenues.
Standards or protocols to clean menus or even to determine when the menu needs to be cleaned have not yet been established.
According to recent information, Apple wants o introduce a new menu mechanism and design among its devices.
Handy Start Menu is a solution to this growing problem.
Frankie & Benny's has launched THREEdelicious newmenus: aLunch Menu, Specials Menu and Kids' Menu.
Spanish airline clickair will be introducing a new take-away menu, called Take Airway, as part of its new on-board catering service.
The Best Chain Beverage Menu Award this year went not to one menu, but to many.
The regular menu will be offered along with specials.
As part of your plan for requesting additional vegetarian menu options from a college food service operation, you should survey the student body to find out how responsive your campus is to vegetarian cuisine.
Main menu choices access submenus unique to the selections, but some of the items and abbreviations such as SOIC and GED may not be clear to users.
Spiller, a menu collector since 1981, says he is fascinated by the odd spellings and trends in Chinese-restaurant names.
Before I tell you how to get each dropdown menu to display all its icons, you should be aware of the various toolbar features available.
SureQuest Systems' Managed Square[TM] Software and Menu Services provide for all of a dietary department's needs.
The menu included such items as "Kitty's Salmon Supreme," "Chow Hound Chicken" and "Whisker Licking Liver.
Trail Menu and Image Fade Menu--New visual effects for a web site