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Synonyms for mentor

Synonyms for mentor

one who advises another, especially officially or professionally

to give recommendations to (someone) about a decision or course of action

Synonyms for mentor

a wise and trusted guide and advisor

serve as a teacher or trusted counselor

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This suggested that initially the word mentoring brought to mind the mentor, specifically, a vision of one, single mentor.
It was agreed to recruit into the program six to eight mentor participants, from all levels of library staff.
The survey administered to the G's asked similar questions, but geared more toward their experiences as the mentor, probing their attitudes about a) the class in general, b) their learning as a result of their mentoring, c) having UG's to mentor, d) the sharing that took place in the course thus far, and e) whether or not the student would be inclined to take another split-level course in the future.
All CNAs are eligible to serve as mentors, provided certain requirements are met.
There are two reasons why mentoring isn't foolproof-- the mentor and the protege.
By designing a structured program (with an evaluation and feedback process built into it), carefully selecting and adequately training mentors, properly matching mentors and proteges, and monitoring the mentor-protege relationship, an organization can enjoy the benefits that mentoring has to offer.
Holmes served on the Minnesota Governor's Commission on the Glass Ceiling and has been a mentor herself.
Mentor Graphics will also present a number of papers, tutorials and demonstrations at the conference.
BE: Is there a stage in a person's career when having a mentor is most valuable?
The perception of mentor asa teacher was not included because it was not correlated with the efficacy variable but was significantly correlated with the "relationship with mentor" variable; so inclusion would have caused a multicollinearity problem.
Both the mentor and the protege, or individual being mentored, benefit from this career-enhancing association.
And how does one find and develop a relationship that prove beneficial to a budding career (for tips on how to find a mentor or sponsor, visit www.
A mentor should not always be one who fits the traditional mold: older and wiser in age and experience than the protege.
Friend became Wen's formal mentor after Wen entered the firm's Mentoring Partnership Program.
Mentoring programs and induction programs, therefore, have become essential, based on the belief that a mentor would become the connection between the teacher-in-training and the teacher-in-charge.