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If significantly more of these correspondences belong to unscrambled mentations than to scrambled ones, the clairvoyance hypothesis would gain support.
Second, in Study 4, it was shown that the correspondences selected from "scrambled" mentations were rated as (nonsignificantly) more impressive than the correspondences selected from "unscrambled" mentations.
This is not to say, of course, that correspondences between mentations and film clips in ganzfeld experiments that can not be dismissed as coincidences are inconceivable or have never occurred.
For each randomness condition RNG mentations will allow each independent judge to rank order the target and decoy clips such that the target clip is ranked higher than would be expected by chance.
Each of these mentations was given a new and independent code so that it was not possible to identify the sequence in which the trials occurred or any pattern between them without cross-referencing.
The ranks allocated to target clips by the independent judge based on the mentations generated using three different randomisation methods (Live, Pseudo, and Table) are reported in Table 1.
Descriptive analysis of mentations on volitional tasks.
Participants were not sent the target materials until they had submitted their mentation.
a sheet of paper on which the participant could write down their mentation
Also included in Table 1 is a summary of the ranks allocated to the target by the independent judges using the RNG-generated mentations.
5% hit rate based only on RNG-derived mentations, although the independent judge who served previously did give a similar hit rate (30.
Step 6: At a later date, the experimenter (LS) transcribed the three recipient's mentations for each site into one single printed document for the independent judges to use in Step 7.
Neither was able to discern the individual mentations of any of the three percipients.
REG mentations will allow an independent judge to identify the target clip to a greater degree than expected by chance.
Finally, CR went through the REG mentations to note the number of occasions on which a statement originally intended for the target clip had been selected as part of the mentation for that trial in order to generate an atomistic assessment of REG success.