mentally retarded

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people collectively who are mentally retarded

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The study was done among 100 children with idiopathic mental retardation from below institutions for mentally retarded children.
The aim of this study was to investigate the agility parameters of mentally retarded children who attend private educational institutions and get engaged in sports actively.
A judge in an earlier phase of the case concluded Hall ''had been mentally retarded his entire life.
However, no person shall be eligible to be considered mentally retarded unless he or she has an intelligence quotient of seventy or below, as reflected by at least one scientifically recognized, scientifically approved, and contemporary intelligent quotient test.
The mentally retarded should be categorically excluded from execution," the court wrote in its decision, due to "their disabilities in areas of reasoning, judgment and control of their impulses.
The Supreme Court ruled in 2002 that states cannot execute the mentally retarded but left it to them to determine guidelines for establishing whether a person is unfit to be put to death.
Key words: Mentally retardation, socio-psychological factors, needs of mentally retarded childrenchildren and parental attitude to them is also presented in this study.
05) had mentally retarded boy in the six to 12 age range (p greater than 0.
The lawyers defending Lewis say she is borderline mentally retarded and was manipulated into joining the murder by two men who said they could all share in a large life insurance policy carried by Lewis' husband.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian parliament urged the international community to make efforts to prevent the execution of a mentally retarded US woman in the state of Virginia, describing it as violation of human rights.
The study attempts to ascertain the attitude of parents of children with mental retardation towards their mentally retarded children.
Virginia that the imposition of a death sentence for a mentally retarded offender is unconstitutional.
These include the Home for Mentally Retarded Children, Home for Mentally Retarded Adults, School and Home for Mentally Retarded Children, School and Home for Mentally Retarded Adults, Institution for Severe and Profoundly Mentally Retarded Children and Institution for Severe and Profoundly Mentally Retarded Adults.
Virginia, saw the United States Supreme Court outlaw the execution of the mentally retarded because such punishment was seen to be a violation of the Eighth Amendment's prohibition on excessive punishments.