mentally retarded

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people collectively who are mentally retarded

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A judge in an earlier phase of the case concluded Hall ''had been mentally retarded his entire life.
The mentally retarded should be categorically excluded from execution," the court wrote in its decision, due to "their disabilities in areas of reasoning, judgment and control of their impulses.
The Supreme Court ruled in 2002 that states cannot execute the mentally retarded but left it to them to determine guidelines for establishing whether a person is unfit to be put to death.
140) will require that background checks be completed for anyone seeking employment with agencies that care for the infirm, such as nursing facilities, healthcare centers for the mentally retarded, adult residential-care facilities, and adult day-care centers.
Lawyers for Yokamon Hearn (25), contend he may be mentally retarded and want time to pursue the claim.
Hubertsson, who not only recognized that while she had physical limitations she was not mentally retarded, but also made it possible for her to develop the life of her mind and feelings.
2d 335 (2002), effectively eliminating the death penalty for mentally retarded defendants.
SAN ANTONIO -- Mentally retarded inmates who are accused of committing murder are more likely to be female than male, Dr.
In May 2003, the United States Supreme Court removed mentally retarded criminals from eligibility for the death penalty during sentencing proceedings.
In order to fully understand the needs and characteristics of this population, the Utah Department of Corrections conducted a national survey of program characteristics for lower-functioning and mentally retarded offenders.
And while Justice O'Connor backed Bowers in 1986, last year both she and Kennedy changed their minds on another high-visibility issue, voting against capital punishment for mentally retarded convicts--even though they had endorsed that practice in a 1989 case.
Twenty-seven years ago, I was introduced to Miriam, who is mentally retarded.
Educators have been quick to classify students who require special attention with a variety of negative labels--Learning Disabled (LD), Emotionally Handicapped (EH), Emotionally Disturbed (ED), Educationally Disadvantaged (ED), Educable Mentally Retarded (EMR), and so forth.
I think he's mentally retarded, but he's from New Hampshire so you can't really blame him.