mentally ill

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Synonyms for mentally ill

Synonyms for mentally ill

suffering from severe mental illness

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Torrey says: "Altogether, the annual total public funds for the support and treatment of mentally ill individuals is now more than $140 billion.
IC: What is your experience in handling mentally ill in India?
Conclusion: It was concluded that there was non-significant difference between the attitudes of university students who have interacted with mentally ill individuals and those who have not interacted with mentally ill individuals, females had more positive attitudes than males, and young-aged university students have more positive attitudes than middle-aged and old-aged university students towards mentally ill individuals.
On January 23, the guard had just swept the garbage at the entrance of the Capitol and had gone inside to get a dustpan but when he returned he found that the mentally ill person had scattered it all again, Magalona said.
Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Fountain House Management Committee, Dr Amjad Saqib said that the institution was a model rehabilitation centre for mentally ill in the South East Asia
Over 30,000 mentally ill individuals are booked and incarcerated in Cook County, Illinois, jails every year.
It is not surprising that prisons with a greater proportion of mentally ill inmates would have more violence than others, said Michele Deitch, a prison conditions expert at the University of Texas at Austin's Lyndon B.
It saddens me that the only difference in the treatment of the mentally ill today from Dorothea Dix's time is that we are not charging admission fees to see "crazy people" in jail.
THE government is systematically attacking the rights of the mentally ill and disabled by curbing their ability to lead independent lives.
The county offered the position to one of the women, who turned it down "because she didn't want to be around mentally ill people," he said, "and they couldn't get hold of the other woman.
In response to the incident, El-Adly stated that the shooter was mentally ill.
Reynolds tobacco company from a California mental hospital with a request: "We mentally ill, or allegedly mentally ill, smoke a lot.
Americans with severe mental illnesses are three times more likely to be in jail or prison than in a psychiatric hospital, reported the Treatment Advocacy Center and the National Sheriffs' Association in More Mentally Ill Persons Are in Jails and Prisons Than Hospitals: A Survey of the States.
WHEREAS no-one would argue with the headline "This must not happen again" (June 15) - even though tragedies like this do, in fact, happen again - I was particularly concerned about the sub-heading "Mum wants to stop mentally ill being set free to kill".