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Synonyms for mentality


Synonyms for mentality

the thought processes characteristic of an individual or group

the faculty of thinking, reasoning, and acquiring and applying knowledge

Synonyms for mentality

a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations

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Advantages of development of artistic mentality among human beings: There are various advantages being associated with the development of artistic mentality among human beings.
If we get that mentality I think we'll pick up wins.
Editor and brand journalist Julian Rollins, in his article "Harness the Positive Power of CyHerd Mentality," wrote, "Despite the negative implication of the phrase Cyherd mentality,' our instinctive preference for social interaction is at the heart of lots of day-to-day decisions.
It's very important for me to maintain that mentality.
Unfortunately, poverty and poor people constitute just one of the numerous exploitation areas where the AKP mentality successfully performs its emotional "vampirism.
There is already a difference between mentality of workers of their unit and that of workers of penitentiary institutions because people do not act according to internal regulations applied in a penal institution, roughly speaking, the regulations of a restricted area, a guarded area.
He said: "I think Leicester City has this winning mentality.
The Kop midfielder said: "Our mentality is changing all the time.
Karachi, Sept 27 ( ANI ): Pakistani first-class cricketer Ashar Zaidi has urged the batsmen in the national team to change their 'flat-track' mentality, saying that it is the reason why the batsmen struggle in international grounds, especially outside Asia.
He's very difficult to handle in the box, but he's got that presence and that mentality that makes sure he stands out and does that little bit extra.
We looked calm on the ball in the first half some of our momentum was very good, our positioning was good, our mentality was good.
PAOLO Di Canio will use Sunderland's Barclays Asia Trophy trip to Hong Kong to instil a winning mentality in his team.
Rodgers said: "If we improve our mentality in the summer - by signing players who have that consistent winning mentality - we can then improve again.
CDATA[ Gaza is a saga that will continue, but we should b e watching Israeli Arabs versus Israeli Jews: a minority with the mentality of a majority vis-A0x20-vis a Jewish majority with the mentality of a minority.
Notts Co 3 Shrewsbury 2 COUNTY boss Keith Curle admitted veteran striker Lee Hughes had changed his mentality since asking for a move over the summer.