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any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc

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ECG signal recording was performed in the following situations: baseline (S1), Stroop color/word test (S2), post-stress recovery (S3), mental test (S4), recovery (S5), auditory stimulus (S6), recovery (S7).
When you put that England shirt on, whether it be a white shirt or a goalkeeper jersey, it will be a tough mental test and a tough test of attitude," said Hodgson.
The event is a mental test for the professionals, who have a different amateur partner to lug round for each of the first three days Key attribute Touch
The case collapsed after the court carried out a four-hour mental test and found Windham sane.
Among the 8,745 post-menopausal women who completed the test, for each point increase in the BMI scale, scores on the mental test went down by one point, Kerwins team reported on Wednesday in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society.
Using the mental test results, they calculated a combined score and rated mental function "impaired" if the score was below 0 and "normal" if the score was above 0.
His defense told the court that his ability to bear criminal responsibility is limited as a preliminary mental test has found intellectual disability in him.
Colchester were nowhere near as good as Bristol City so it makes our game there a mental test - we'll see who has strong minds.
So they challenged both couch potatoes and more active people to a mental test.
This bodywork is perfect preparation for anyone in training for an athletic event, performance or any kind of physical or mental test.
Assessing the construct relevance of mental test results continues to present many challenges, and it has proven to be particularly difficult to assess the construct relevance of verbal items.
Spearman's (1904) demonstration of g and Binet's (1905) construction of a usable mental test began the field in earnest, after some suggestions by Galton (1883) and false starts by Sharp (1898-99) and Wissler (1901).
1996) include: (i) the use of the same validated mental test at baseline and follow-up using identical instructions; (ii) characterization of the follow-up sample in terms of age, sex, and initial IQ with respect to the entire relevant Scottish population; and (iii) concurrent validation of the mental test at first testing (age 11 years) and follow-up (age 77).
Evaluation of a mental test score for the assessment of mental impairment in the elderly.