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Asked whether concerns about his mental state were serious, Mrs May said: "No.
Her mental state improved gradually after admission.
The inescapable conclusion is that Dr Hussain's mental state is the result of the manner he was treated in custody.
They laid emphasis on students to master the art of history taking and mental state examination which is a time consuming procedure but extremely important if one has to come to correct diagnosis.
The purpose of the examinations is to provide an answer to the court~s question as to the mental state at the time of the alleged offense and/or the question of competence to stand trial.
If the medical report looked into these files they would be able to form a comprehensive and thorough idea of his mental state.
This edition incorporates the Supreme Court's new test for determining whether a defendant's developmental delays exempt him or her from the death penalty; recent cases limiting when life without parole may be used in non-homicide and homicide cases; lower court responses to the Supreme Court's life without parole decision in Graham, supra; more on the right to defend one's property, including the right to use deadly force in defense of one's habitation; a new section on when corporations can be held criminally liable for acts by their employees and the appropriate punishment when convicted; and more on actions and mental states that constitute odepraved hearto murder, including how the prosecution can prove the required mental state.
The report cites several examples of veterans who have been executed or sentenced to death in Texas with little or no consideration of their mental state.
Summary: The attorney of Tarek Yateem, who is suspected of brutally stabbing and killing a man after a road rage incident in Beirut, requested Friday that a court-appointed doctor examine her client's mental state, the National News Agency reported.
4) Description of a character as appearing to be in a particular mental state, e.
The basic idea of functionalism is that what makes a state mental is its playing a causal-functional role of a certain pattern within a system, and, specifically, what makes a mental state the mental state that it is (e.
In recent times, Gomez has been hinting about her confused mental state on her social networking sites and it shows that the singer is unhappy and confused.
That tube of forbidden lipstick, in the shade "Little Red Lies" languishing in the kitchen cupboard, symbolizes Rachel's mental state.
This means that traditional learning materials coupled with free media material can be traced from a syllabus assignment and classroom exercise of a self-assessment/peer assessment, to a review of research by the students, to the study, and use of a screening tool assessment to examine the mental state of patients, to the study of pathology, such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and taken straight into the nursing work world.