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But military experience should factor into consideration of a defendant's mental state in capital cases, Kase said.
It is used in these audio descriptions in two main senses: to look at someone or something, and to appear to be in a certain mental state.
Mental states are presented to me as "mine," as owned by me, when I take the first-person stance.
Sentencing The author developed the DMSI based on over 30 years of experience addressing insanity and other mental state defenses and advising law enforcement on active investigations.
Perhaps the most plausible story for physicalists in general is to appeal in veridical cases to a physical, causal story, in which an external object causes in us a mental state (an experience, for instance) as the result of a causal chain of physical states, originating with the intended object and terminating in us.
From a different perspective, it is also important to watch, listen, and learn about the mental state of others--peer-evaluation.
40pm, there was a report of somebody having left an address after a domestic incident and there were some concerns for his welfare and mental state.
Drawing from his complex mental state, the author creates an intriguing world of phantasm and obsession.
Steven Edwards, defending, said there had been concern about his mental state.
Christopher Hotten, QC, for Somers, said she was "discharged against her wishes" from City Hospital, where the pair formed a friendship, despite a psychiatric assessment indicating she was in a fragile mental state.
Even without allowing for the Czech's mental state the French form on balance looks superior.
Back at camp, Jim is far from rational; his mental state deteriorates as he faces up to what happened to his family and he has to be restrained for his own safety, and the good of the group.
As per media reports, doctor's team said Hakim Ali Zardari was shifted in the intensive care unit and his mental state has been affected due to brain haemorrhage When Hakim Zardari was brought in PIMS at that time both CT Scan machines and MRI present in hospital were not working which cause the panic among the management of hospital.
Mental health professionals are trained to gauge a person's mental state based on the nuances of his speech, but still tend to miss some signs of depression.