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1 Reading is an active mental process - unlike TV, books make you use your brain.
During this mental process the child will be practically training his/her mental skills.
The mental process of being out there and playing seemed to work very well in the Open, and hopefully I can take that forward into majors coming up.
In the world of Zen, there is kyu-do, a spiritual mental process of archery developed over a thousand years ago that combines a concentrated mental process with efficient use of the bow and arrows.
Greek philosopher Aristotle believed the heart was the centre of the mental process.
Perception is the mental process by which people gather, organize, interpret, and evaluate information; each participant could perceive the same incident or conversation differently.
Mapping gradually becomes an internal mental process, and some students may find they can remember the music without even looking at their maps.
Yet in most of the health-promoting advice that is offered, very little attention is paid to that essential mental process.
However, when one considers that the cross-party Richard Commission spent two years studying the devolution issue before presenting their unanimous conclusion that further powers for the assembly were necessary if it was to function efficiently, then I feel that the apparently party-biased gentleman was acting purely on gut instinct and not on the exercise of any mental process.
Only in this way can we understand Macbeth in relation to the depth and complexity of its cultural moment, and grasp the receptive mental process of playgoers in 1606.
In this mental process, we use other people like lightening rods for our frustrations and fears.
What we are talking about involves the application of industrial and systems engineering to the mental process of planning.
If you judge your performance at the end of the day not on what you scored, but how your mental process was before each shot.
Bruner also discusses how the mental process of the person's mind projects stimulus-response through discovery learning.
Imagery is a mental process in which an individual experiences the sensory and perceptual processes of an event by consciously visualizing the experience in his or her mind.