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It is a mental object which only comes into existence in the act of being chosen .
Mental object rotation and egocentric body transformation: two dissociable processes?
The principle here is that if a person can create a mental object, then that individual should be able to uncreate it as well.
At a more advanced level, one transforms mental objects in an effort to solve mathematical problems.
In the case of culture, for example, the codemaker is the human mind, since it is the mind that produces the mental objects that we call signs and meanings and the conventions that link them together.
A private experience is an example of a mental object.
A lexical variant of this verb, OE OFERGIETAN, implies partial or uncompleted POSSESSION of a mental object (i.
With the postulation of such a mental object we arrive at representationalism.
This essay defends the view that pain is a feeling, and thus that token pains are instances of feeling (rather than mental objects of feeling), against a number of objections.
At this stage it would be appropriate to consider briefly the moment-by-moment mindfulness, which is the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (catu stipatthana): Mindfulness of the body (kayanu passana), the sensations (vedananu passana), the mind (cittanu passana) and mental objects (dhammanu passana).
On his reading, interpreting words for sensations as designating objects that one could point to inwardly in the interest of defending a conception of privacy renders the identity of the alleged mental objects irrelevant.
Information is thus wedded to writing insofar as writing gives stability to the mental objects abstracted from the flow of experience, such that one can access them readily and repeatedly" (30).
For example, we could employ Chisholm's adverbial theory of perception, which takes appearances to be modes of the perceiver rather than mental objects.
In principle, execution of these tasks is a matter of simply reading the distinctions off of the mental objects, objects which are fully and immediately given to the psychologist in his own experience.