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Schooler says that these as-the-crow-flies estimates required each volunteer to consult a mental image of the entire town's layout, a form of perceptual knowledge that he regards as susceptible to verbal interference.
The award itself conjures a mental image of a giant helping hand, smoothing over the ills of communities that are striving to provide a safe and sound environment for their residents,'' said Fred Thomas, a 1998 San Fernando Award winner.
It's left me with a mental image that has put me off my breakfast.
Claiming he had this mental image of standing on French soil draped in a tricolour, he added: "In reality there was no tricolour, no photos, just me half standing, half falling exhausted on rocks.
The other surprise Synopsis offered was for those whose mental image of Jouve's work is limited to the life-size "characters" (personnages) that have been widely exhibited over the past decade.
If you want to save one mental image of baseball's last legend for posterity, let that be it.
On some trials, participants were told to form a mental image of each sentence to compare with the pictures; on other trials, they were told to focus on verbal meanings of sentences.
Ok, so I know it didn't happen like this, but I love the mental image of Ramsay and Cowell sitting next to each other, cucumber slices on their eyes, wearing white fluffy robes while getting mani/pedis and swapping moisturising tips.
I saw them on Broadway, I saw them in summer theatre, and I have mental image pictures of women in these kinds of performances.
It is not a simple question here of picturing stories but of how each painting enacts the moment of entry as a literary or mental image is actualized in the precise speeds and temperatures of paint.
He's back as a designated hitter and outfielder this season and his mental image is coming into sharp focus.
It suggests that adept interviewers resuscitate memories just as effectively whether or not they ask people to conjure up a mental image of an e vent or apply other cognitive tactics.
The very ambitious Jac (Rosie Marcel) is after the new consultant's post and is prepared to climb all over Diane to get it - although not in her motorcycle leathers, just in case you were already conjuring up a mental image.
Partially obscuring the landscape behind it, the blur becomes a gestural surface--a representation of process painting, as it were--as well as a mental image.
The role means Hamilton gets a glamorous wardrobe and hairstyle and the chance to replace audiences' mental image of the film's heroine, Gene Tierney - an image Hamilton can't conjure up since she has deliberately not seen the film.