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Mental image pictures are mental copies of one's past perceptions.
The only winners are the Vegan Society, who'll be seeing a rise in members thanks to a mental image that causes an immediate loss of appetite for a meat feast.
THE horrific mental image from The Wright Stuff's Richard Madeley: "I haven't worn underwear for about 25 years.
Tests on volunteers revealed most had a mental image of their hands in which fingers are shorter and the entire hand is fatter than its true shape.
And so the triple structure of the exhibition reflects not only the traditional theatrical division of three acts or the cinema's simultaneous layering of screenplay, sound track, and action, but also the tripartite practice of psychoanalysis, the alternation of utterance, listening, and the reconstruction of a mental image.
Secondly, call center background noise provides a mental image of old-style "boiler room" call centers: hundreds of agents crammed elbow-by-elbow, taking calls while desperately wishing they could get another job .
THE two words "idea" and "idol" come from the same root, the Greek word which means "an archetypal form of something" or "the representation of a mental image of a diety.
In the study, researchers used fMR to capture patterns of brain activation as college students were given 10 seconds to develop a vivid mental image of themselves or a famous celebrity participating in a range of common life experiences.
He explores dreaming by age group, the connection the sighted desperately maintain between vision and proper socialization, night terrors, sleepwalking, nightmares, post-traumatic dreams, the formulation of dreams and how the dreamer applies them mentally, fetal dreams, the claims attached to mental image leading to visual processing, the ways in which literate culture interprets dreams, and dreams as sources of literary works.
At what point during the creative process did somebody think: "If the mental image of Ian Botham's sweaty box doesn't make 'em hungry for beef, nothing will"?
When Lureen describes over the phone how Jack died, the structure of the sequence uses the same technique: it starts with a shot of Ennis listening, cuts to the image of Jack being attacked with a tire iron, then goes back to a shot of Ennis, so distraught by this mental image that he has stopped listening to Lureen.
Bozeman will wash away that mental image Thursday, when 13th-ranked and No.
Just as an artist needs to visualize what a painting is going to look like before setting the brush to canvas, a musician needs a clear mental image of a musical passage prior to playing.
So young Nell tries a few materials to create his dream castle: sand, wood blocks, blanket, and chairs--but none are big enough or properly designed to match his mental image.