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Referring political activists to mental hospitals to evaluate their mental state is unacceptable and brings us back to the dark ages when political opponents were thrown in mental hospitals to isolate them from their societies and undermine their thoughts and ideas," Abdel-Aziz said in the statement.
The COs' efforts were forgotten, but in the coming years some states did significantly boost funding for their mental hospitals.
In the case of the mental hospital, many with an interest in the subject have argued all along that big institutions such as the former Oregon State Hospital are outdated - as well as geographically inefficient.
One of the options the agency proposed is eliminating even more beds - more than 190 of them - from five of the state's 10 mental hospitals.
Important new data I published recently with Joanne Atay and Raquel Crider (both with SAMHSA's Center for Mental Health Services) in Psychiatric Services show that for the first time in 50 years, the resident patient population of state mental hospitals has grown rather than declined.
Human rights activist Maksim Kuleshov filed a claim at the General Prosecutor's Office seeking to sue officials who brought him to the mental hospital by force and kept there for some time.
Summary: The famous Egyptian actress Muna Zaki recennlty filmed one of the scenes from her new movie "Ehki Ya Shahrazad" (Shahrazad Talk) at a mental hospital
Grace Neill, who is well-known for her part in establishing state registration for general nurses, also played a significant role in promoting training for mental hospital nurses.
The Cramps: Live at Napa State Mental Hospital (1984) was filmed in 1978 by Target Video folks (although it was released much later).
Arpke's parents ran a mental hospital in Wisconsin, and the family lived there.
Lieberman, for instance, casually remarks that "one rarely hears of someone being committed involuntarily to a mental hospital.
From the breakup of her three-year relationship with Creative Artists Agency superagent Bryan Lourd, who left her for another man, to her diagnosis as bipolar to a self-described psychotic break that landed her in a mental hospital, Fisher forges through it with brutal honesty and compassion.
THE demise of an old mental hospital might not seem much cause for regret but photographer Nigel Shuttleworth will tell you otherwise.
Nonprofit organizations sued state officials, contending that delays by a state mental hospital in accepting mentally incapacitated criminal defendants for evaluation and treatment, violated the defendants' substantive and procedural due process rights.
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