mental exhaustion

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exhaustion that affects mental keenness


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The objective of this pilot study was to determine the effectiveness of a mixture of essential oils (peppermint, basil, and helichrysum) on mental exhaustion, or moderate burnout (ME/ MB) using a personal inhaler.
The organisation supports youngsters with terminal illnesses and their families, who know all about physical and mental exhaustion.
Mental exhaustion - another condition related to burnout - was evident in 46% of GPs questioned, while 34% felt they were "not achieving a great deal".
Very few occupations are the cause of employees collapsing in bed after a shift due to physical or mental exhaustion.
1 Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, meanwhile, made no attempt to hide their physical and mental exhaustion.
World number one Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, meanwhile, made no attempt to hide their physical and mental exhaustion.
The researchers found that the web-surfers were significantly more productive and effective at the tasks than those in the other two groups and reported lower levels of mental exhaustion, boredom and higher levels of engagement.
His immigration to Spain in the later years of his life occurred due to mental exhaustion.
So to try and minimize the emotional and mental exhaustion which I am experiencing, I have been working to identify the accomplishments that I personally intend to hold on to and the positivity that I would like to take with me from Jan.
The other was I was suffering from mental exhaustion - that's not true either.
It was carried out against a background of physical and mental exhaustion brought about by prolonged abuse by her partner.
His account sweeps through many topics such as the difficulties of integrating new soldiers into battle-weary units and medical problems, dealing not only with wounds but, especially, with mental exhaustion.
Herbal adaptogens are often used to enhance focus and attention in states of fatigue, and to increase tolerance to mental exhaustion.
For those unfamiliar with this sight, it's a "keyword cloud," not an indication of total mental exhaustion.
MARTIN O'Neill faces the tough task of picking up his troops from the mental exhaustion of their snowed-off semi-final, according to Villa's 1977 League Cup-winning skipper.